Laborers generally work in the construction arena where they are expected to perform a number of physical tasks. This position comes under semi-skilled workers category and laborers need to learn the relevant skills to perform the job. A laborer may be expected to clean and maintain a work site along with ensuring that any materials or tools are delivered to the technicians. They are also expected to set up and take down ladders and machinery as instructed.


There is really no minimum educational requirements to get a laborer position but an employer prefers experienced laborers so that not much time is spent in teaching them the trade. At times, a laborer can be expected operate a forklift which is why it is important for a laborer to know how to operate one and also obtain a license for it.

Establishing the fact that this is skilled work, let us have a look at some of the skills an employer will expect a laborer to posses when hiring him. These bullet points will be very useful while building a Laborer Resume.

Skills Statements for a Laborer Resume

• Demonstrated ability to work in a construction environment

• Extremely proficient in using hand and power tools

• Physically dexterous to lift and handle heavy objects

• Competent at performing routine manual labor tasks

• Excellent attention to detail

• Proven ability to understand and execute written instructions

• Able to work in a team environment

• Well versed in maintenance and cleaning tasks

• Demonstrated ability to work in extreme weather conditions

• Some experience operating a forklift

• Knowledge of handling hazardous materials and industry waste

• Able to perform duties effectively in confined spaces