Cleaning Laborer Job Description

Updated: October 25, 2017

Position Overview

Cleaning laborers, or cleaners are hired in all industries, where their main work is to make sure that the organization that they represent is kept clean, sanitized and maintained at all times.

These individuals are required to be hands-on in what they do – performing both basic and complex cleaning tasks is all in a day’s work for them.


A cleaning laborer does not need any formal education, but some companies may require him or her to possess a high school diploma at the very least, so that it is not a problem to read labels and instructions on cleaning agents.

Working as a cleaning laborer requires one to be exceptionally fit in the physical sense, as one needs to be on one’s feet all day long, doing a lot of bending, stooping, lifting and carrying.

You must possess deep knowledge of safe cleaning methods, and know just how to handle trash disposal work. Additionally, it is important for cleaning laborers to ensure that they are aware of the different types of cleaning procedures, including sweeping, dusting, mopping, and vacuuming.

As a cleaning laborer, you will be expected to work both indoors and outdoors, depending on what your specific work placement is. If you are also expected to work outdoors, you may be asked to perform duties such as raking leaves and trash collection. Here is a list of some job duties that a cleaning laborer is expected to perform on a typical work day:


Cleaning Laborer Duties and Responsibilities


• Sweep surfaces such as floors, both inside and outside buildings, and perform mopping activities.

• Vacuum carpets and curtains, and ensure that they are washed on a pre-scheduled basis.

• Perform dusting activities on furniture, window panes, and doors, and ensure that polishing needs are fulfilled.

• Wax floors, and erect warning signs to ensure that no accidents involving people transpire.

• Wipe and disinfect kitchen and bathroom counters, and wash restrooms according to specified instructions.

• Use a variety of cleaning solutions and concoctions to remove stains from carpets and curtains.

• Collect trash from all receptacles within the building, empty ashtrays, and ascertain that all collected trash is disposed of in a safe manner.

• Fix minor problems such as leaks, and assist in handling maintenance work including changing bulbs and repairing wires.

• Ascertain that buildings are secured properly, and that any evident security breaches are communicated to the supervisor.

• Oversee the procurement and inventory of cleaning supplies, ensuring that low stock situations are few and far between.