Concrete Laborer Job Description for Resume

Updated on: August 12, 2021

Concrete laborers come under the broader category of construction laborers.

They work on construction sites by ensuring that the right consistency of concrete is poured into preset structures, in the most appropriate manner.

Because much of the work of a concrete laborer is outdoors, it is essential for them to be able to withstand extreme weather conditions – of course, the perks are working outdoors and getting a free tan!

  1. Interpret blueprints and read survey stakes with a view to establishing appropriate grades.
  2. Assess assigned work areas to determine their suitability for building and digging.
  3. Prepare worksites for concrete footings and assemble concrete forms on specified locations.
  4. Clear work areas of debris and rubble, ensuring that it is properly cleaned, and made ready for building purposes.
  5. Dig trenches and holes as is required by the project specifications.
  6. Build, erect, and align forms for various concrete structures and foundations.
  7. Create estimates for required concrete quantities
  8. Provide supervisors with the information to ensure quick delivery of required supplies.
  9. Bend, form, tie, and install rebar as illustrated in original blueprints or plans.
  10. Establish estimates of concrete quantity for buying
  11. Ensure that the proper mix of sand and cement is created.
  12. Perform wire mesh cutting duties and ensure that it is properly installed in designated places.
  13. Spread, level, and smooth concrete by using rakes, shovels, and trowels. Monitor how wind, heat, and cold effect on concrete curing during the entire process.
  14. Direct the casting of the concrete and produce rough concrete surfaces.
  15. Fine finish concrete surfaces by performing any number of troweling, floating, and brushing activities.
  16. Assist with the fabrication of concrete beams, columns, and panels and build wooden molds and clamp them using appropriate hand tools.
  17. Provide support in spreading roofing paper on foundation surfaces and sprinkle marble or stone chips to produce prescribed finishing results.
  18. Restore or waterproof existing concrete structures by using appropriate compounds and sealants.
  19. Utilize both hand tools and power tools to perform concrete handling and operations activities.

Concrete Laborer Education Requirements

Working as a concrete laborer does not usually require any formal education. But some employers require a high school diploma or a GED.

Concrete Laborer Skills and Abilities

If this is your desired career path, you have to make sure that you are exceptionally dexterous where physical form is concerned.

Since you will be performing a lot of physical activities, it is important that you have the strength and stamina that this work requires from you primarily.

It is important for concrete laborers to be safety-conscious as they perform a lot of their work in precarious environments.

Concrete Laborer Training

As far as training is concerned, most concrete laborers are trained on the job, by first being hired as apprentices or helpers.

Some may opt to learn the trade through a three-year apprenticeship program, usually under journeyman workers.