Paving Laborer Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

Updated on: September 25, 2022
Position Overview

Paving laborers fall under the broader category of construction workers.

Their work is mostly manual labor involving activities directed at paving and filling potholes, and resurfacing and repairing asphalt in roads and alleys.

One of the first things that a paving laborer is expected to do on any typical day at work is clear the work area to prepare it for paving work.

Once the job site is prepared, it is his job to determine what the actual work is and then follow instructions to do the needful.

Position Requirements

Working as a paving laborer means that you have to possess a high school diploma or a GED at the very least since you will need to read and understand instructions before you begin working.

In addition to this, paving laborers need to be physically dexterous because this work requires a lot of raw physical energy from the person performing it.

Mostly, paving laborers are trained on the job and require minimum prior experience. However, if you do have previous experience, you have a greater chance of being accepted for this position.

The ability to withstand harsh weather conditions such as extreme heat and cold, the capability of working on your feet for long periods of time, and a knack for enduring unpleasant situations such as fumes and bad odors, are all prerequisites for working as a paving laborer.

Here is a list of duties that are particular to people working in this position:

Paving Laborer Duties and Responsibilities

• Read, interpret and understand job instructions and blueprints to determine the type of work that needs to be performed.

• Clear job sites by cleaning and brushing away debris and hazardous materials from the job site.

• Confirm availability of materials and equipment to perform entrusted work.

• Operate machines such as road surfacing equipment to spread and level stone, concrete, and asphalt on road beds.

• Ascertain that the distribution of paving materials is properly observed so that machine settings can be properly adjusted.

• Operate and control paving machines to maintain a constant flow of asphalt and other materials.

• Sprinkle and brush hot and cold-mix asphalt over surfaces to be paved and shovel mortar mixes into hard-to-reach places.

• Compact concrete mixes using rake and hand tampers and ensure that any gravel or stone chips are spread as per instructions.

• Erect and dismantle barricades on the road and place appropriate signs to control traffic.

• Signal other laborers to facilitate alignment and movement of material required for each project.