Building Porter Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

Updated on: July 5, 2022
Position Overview

A building porter is hired to handle the janitorial/custodial duties within a commercial or residential building.

The main work of a building porter is to make sure that the building is cleaned and maintained properly, and that it remains presentable at all times.

Position Requirements

Usually, a building porter works in a team environment but is expected to be able to work independently as well.

Building porters do not require any formal education to qualify to work in a company.

However, it is important for building porters to be physically dexterous as there is a lot of physical work involved such as bending and stooping.

Since you will have to be on your feet during most of your shift, high stamina is an important prerequisite for working in this role.

Some knowledge of cleaning agents and procedures will go a long way in helping an employer decide that he wants to hire you.

Mostly, building porters are trained on the job as employers would want them to work according to their specific requirements.

In addition to this, you will need to possess knowledge of operating cleaning tools and equipment if you want to do justice to the job.

Here is a list of work duties particular to a building porter’s job:

Building Porter Duties and Responsibilities

• Clean assigned building areas by performing sweeping and mopping activities

• Ascertain that all apartments, offices, and lobby areas are properly cleaned and sanitized as per requirements

• Empty trash cans and ashtrays and ensure that proper waste disposal activities are carried out

• Ascertain that cleaning mixtures are prepared and used with caution and by following safety procedures

• Perform pool maintenance duties to ensure that pool water and surrounding areas are clean

• Perform dusting and polishing duties to ensure that building furniture is properly cleaned and maintained

• Check assigned buildings to determine security lapses or repair and maintenance requirements, and communicate this information to the supervisor

• Handle repair and maintenance work such as changing bulbs and repairing wires, and ensure that any safety hazards such as loose wires are communicated to the building manager

• Dust handrails and supports, and ensure that the insides of elevator cabs are properly cleaned

• Wash and sanitize bathrooms and ensure that supplies such as towels and soap are replenished in a timely manner

• Clean light fixtures and polish metal finishes on doors, saddles, kick plates, and lobby mailboxes