Film Crew Resume No Experience

Updated on: March 9, 2019

There are many jobs that you can apply for in a film crew.

If you are at the entry level and have not yet decided what it is that you need to do, you should probably start at the very beginning – as a grip.

And your resume for a grip position must show how interested you are in the work.

As part of the film crew, a grip makes sure that the lighting and rigging processes are properly handled on a set.

And the ability to do this properly is what needs to go into his or her resume.

As a grip, you may be just starting out, so your entry-level resume might not be too detailed. Not an issue.

Here is a sample that you can refer to:

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Film Crew Resume No Experience



Bass Hemingway
45 King Street, Brookings, SD 27934
(000) 999-9999

Highly enthusiastic individual, with a special interest in work related to filmmaking. Specifically interested in providing assistance in working with camera departments to provide support with lighting and rigging processes.


Dolly Operations Lighting Setup Mount Camera Handling
Crane Guidance Repair Assistance Scaffolding Management
Camera Protection Lighting Support Sound Boards Setup
Equipment Assembly Set Building Set Construction

Bachelor’s Degree in Filmmaking
Berkley Film School, Brookings, SD – 2018

• Received an award for best aspiring filmmaker in the college, in 2017.
• Honored for making a documentary on a local old age home.
• Chosen as the only student to represent the college in a filmmaking exhibition.
• Represented the college in a film festival organized by LEAD USA.
• Remained on top of the class owing to exceptional academic excellence.


NBC Universal, Brookings, SD| 6/2018 – 12/2018
• Provided camera support by operating camera dollies and cranes.
• Assisted in building and maintaining camera support equipment.
• Mounted camera equipment.
• Assisted with prop setup.
• Set up soundboards and wardrobes.
• Erected and dismantled frames and scaffolding.
• Rigged prefabricated dressing rooms.
• Covered cameras using canvases in order to protect them from the weather.
• Performed light repair and maintenance on cameras and associated equipment.

English, Spanish, and German

• Involved in the college film club, as well as 3 other independent film clubs.
• Headed the college filmmaking club for 2 years.

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