General Labourer Job Description and Duties for Resume

Updated on: September 21, 2020
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General Labourer Job Description

General laborers assist skilled people in performing their everyday tasks. In order to get this job, you must be physically fit, hardworking, and able to follow instructions rapidly and proficiently.

You need to pay attention to what you are doing, learn safety precautions, and able to many construction and labor tools.

You may work on different sites with different crews to perform a variety of jobs. So having skills in several areas, in addition to being able to communicate with people is important.

Below are some job description phrases and statements suitable for the experience section of a General Labourer Resume. You may select some of these phrases to use in your resume.

Job Duties for General Labourer Resume

– Clear work areas by removing debris and hazardous materials, and make them ready for construction work

– Ensure that all tools and equipment are readily available at the beginning of each shift so that skilled laborers can begin their work on time

– Arrange for materials such as bricks, mortar, and cement to be available at assigned worksites

– Load and unload materials to and from delivery trucks, ensuring that they are safely moved to storage sites

– Erect and maintain walls, retaining walls, and fences

– Assist in construction or demolishing of buildings

– Load and unload structure materials and move materials in work areas

– Direct traffic at or near building sites and carry out other traffic management activities

– Maintain plants, landscape, and gardens

– Assist supervisors with clerical duties

– Operate forklift, mowers, and material breakers

– Maintain tools and equipment

– Erect/demolish concrete forms, scaffolding, and ramps

– Assist in plantation and take care of forests

– Construct scaffolding

– Dig trenches and place pipes or cables for drains and extra services

– Construct and maintain roads, pathways, or railways

– Clean up work sites

– Manage shift equipment and materials

– Transfer and finish concrete slabs

– Take delivery of materials and cargo from suppliers

– Mix, transfer, and extend materials such as concrete and asphalt

– Help in drilling and blasting; plane earth using rakes and shovels

– Remove debris and trash from construction sites using wheelbarrows

– Perform other duties as assigned by the manager

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