Phlebotomy Technician Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: November 8, 2015

Consider a job interview as a final exam and you are sure to ace it. So if it is a final exam, your success will depend highly on how thoroughly you have prepared for this test of your abilities to handle the job. The subject is you. Interviews determine how well you can relate your skills, interests and potential to the needs of the prospective employer. Although the interview time is quite stressful, it should not be approached with such fear that you are immobilized by anxiety. If you prepare well, there will be no stress. And that really is all there is to it.

• To provide information about you that you have not supplied in the resume or cover letter. Think of it as a conversation and not an interrogation.
• To enable the employer to evaluate your personality, communication skills and motivation.
• To enable you to acquire further information regarding the company and the position.

• What you have done in the past and what you can do now for the employer.
• How you can prove to be invaluable in helping achieve the organization’s objectives.
• How the employer can help you achieve your objectives, directly or indirectly.

With thorough self-examination, you will be able to come across as a perfect candidate. For information on how to handle the actual answering part, refer to the following interview questions and answers set:

Phlebotomy Technician Interview Questions and Answers

What primary skills do you need to be successful at handling phlebotomy work?
One has to be exceptionally patient and detail oriented. When you perform sample taking duties, you do not often work in ideal circumstances. There are times when you cannot find a vein or when a double puncture needs to be done. If you are not patient or detailed oriented, you end up scaring the patient.

Why is being organized so important in this work?
When a blood sample is taken, it needs to be properly labeled and stored. If a phlebotomist is not organized, there is fear of mixing up samples which eventually leads to botched up test results.

What are some of the duties that a phlebotomy technician performs?
A phlebotomy technician is responsible for verifying patient information, looking through doctors’ orders to determine the type of test that needs to be performed, take blood samples, label and store specimens and ensure that the integrity of specimens is maintained.

Why are strong interpersonal skills so important for phlebotomy technicians?
There are a lot of patients who are not comfortable with needles. In order to calm them down before taking samples, providing them with procedure information and ensuring a calming environment for them, it is important to be pleasant.