Experience letters are documents written by a company that an individual has worked for when he leaves to join another. These are usually ‘To Whom It May Concern’ letters as they are open to whichever prospective employer that the candidate wants to send it to. An Experience Letter for a Lab Technician must be written on an official letterhead of the company.

Look at an example of an experience letter for a lab technician to see what it possesses.


Lab Technician Experience Letter Sample

Jauary 26, 2015


To Whom It May Concern

This letter is to verify that Ms. Jacky Smith was working as a Lab Technician with Beta Labs from 12/12/10 to 10/1/2013. During this period she has worked with us for 40 hours per week.

Ms. Smith has been a sizable addition to our lab with her excellence in working with laboratory equipment and samples. She is extremely detail oriented with a keen sense of working with automated lab equipment. During the time that she has spent with us, we have found her to be extremely professional with a firm grip on her field of work. As a team-player, she has worked exceptionally and we consider her an asset to our organization.

We have been satisfied with all paperwork regarding her degree and licensure during the time she spent at Beta labs and wish her all the best for all her future work. In case of any query regarding her qualifications, please feel free to contact the undersigned during business hours.




Ashton Kutcher
Senior Manager
Beta Labs
21 North Street
Hamilton. ON D5S 2C7
Tel: (013) 111-1111