Lab technicians typically work in laboratories where they are required to administer tests in order to assist physicians in determining diagnosis.

At an entry level position, lab techs are required to learn the trade by assisting other more experienced lab technicians while performing some tests independently as well.

Take a look at a cover letter sample that will guide entry level lab technicians.


Entry Level Lab Technician Cover Letter


1225 Bowers Beach Road
Frederica, DE 43434

March 10, 2016

Ms. Christina Clegg
Manager HR
Delta Labs
8911 Charles Street
Frederica, DE 72901


Dear Ms. Clegg:

I would like to work as a Lab Technician with Delta Labs in order to provide the benefit of my knowledge and interest to your lab. With my associate’s degree in medical laboratory technology and extensive clinical laboratory skills, I will be able to contribute the continuing success of Delta Labs.

Through my education and internship experiences, I developed the knowledge of performing lab tests in accordance to written instructions. I also have the knowhow of preparing specimens for lab procedures and operate relevant machinery to a certain extent. My keen interest in this line of work has instilled in me the familiarity of hazardous chemicals and the precautionary measures that need to be taken into account to manage and use them properly.

As a fresh and knowledgeable candidate, I would like to discuss your needs and my pertinent skills in more detail with you. I may be contacted at (000) 666-9652 if you wish to talk to me before I get a chance to meet you at the interviews. Thank you for taking out the time to go through my application.



Deborah Campbell

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