Entry Level Resume Objective Ideas

Updated on: November 28, 2018

It is a known fact that writing a resume is difficult. What is even more difficult is writing a resume objective especially for entry-level positions.

While many people may disagree, this is indeed a fact that makes a lot of people jittery mainly when they are writing a resume for the first time.

Entry level resume objectives are difficult to write because a candidate hasn’t had any experience of the job that he or she is applying for and can become confused and scared about what to write that will grab the attention of a recruiter.

Recruiters hire people because they want them to serve a purpose.

This means that the candidate needs to be very careful when writing a resume objective as you don’t want to sound selfish by saying you are applying because you want to polish your skills!

Let us look at a few examples of entry-level resume objectives here to give you a better idea.


Entry Level Resume Objective Samples

• Looking for an Administrative Assistant position at Acme Co. utilizing strong organizational skills with a profound ability to work in a fast paced environment.

• Seeking a position as a Lab Technician with Delta Labs using knowledge of laboratory work in an environment conducive to learning and growth.

• To work for Amway Heights as a Receptionist making the most of excellent people skills and the ability to work in a customer oriented environment.

• Desire a position of Retail Assistant at K-Mart. Offering knowledge of working in a retail setting conducive to customer satisfaction.

• To obtain a Development Associate position at WWF USA where I may be able to use my educational background in development and conservation to contribute to the organization’s mission.