Lab Technician Recommendation Letter Sample

Updated: June 6, 2023

Recommendation Letters must be written in a positive manner, as they are used as a means for referring someone for a job.

The prerequisite of writing a recommendation letter is to determine if you really are qualified to write one for the person who is asking for it.

Once you have established that you are qualified, you need to figure out if the person who is asking you to write one is worth it.

When both these conditions are met, you can continue to write a lab technician recommendation letter akin to the sample provided below:

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Lab Technician Recommendation Letter Sample

June 6, 2023

To Whom It May Concern

I am delighted to recommend Todd Rice as a  Lab Technician who has worked under my supervision for 4 years at Praxair. Todd has been a credit to the lab in many ways, some of which I am extremely grateful to him for.

Todd is well-versed in producing reliable and precise data that significantly supports scientific experiments. His expertise in constructing, maintaining, and operating complex laboratory equipment was commended by managers many times. As a team member, he is supportive and always goes the extra mile to help other technicians with their work, without asking for credit.

What brought Todd to my attention specifically was his contribution to a scientific project that was stuck in limbo for the longest time, and the breakthrough came because of a self-administered test that he performed, presenting me with results that I had longed to see for months! I must add here that Todd is exceptionally focused and does not relent unless he gets the results that he is expecting.

It is satisfying to be able to give Todd my genuine recommendation as I truly believe that any lab that hires him, will thrive immensely due to his technical expertise and clear thought processes. Please feel free to contact me if you need any further information.


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Sandra Diaz
Research Lab Manager
99 Union Chapel Road
Gillette, WY 01933

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