Laboratory technicians support doctors’ diagnosis by performing tests on bodily fluids. They perform diagnostic tests using a variety of complex procedures and equipment to determine the cause of diseases. This may include looking for bacteria or parasites or even cross matching blood types prior to transfusions.

It stands to reason that laboratory technicians perform an important role in assisting healthcare providers. Laboratory facilities tend to hire lab techs that have a valid licensure and possess the ability to perform complex tests in accordance to set procedures. A prospective employer wants to see these skills highlighted in a resume which is why it is recommended for an applicant to build up on them when writing a resume. The resume sample below may be helpful as a resource to build your own resume.


Laboratory Technician Resume Sample


Avery Collins

3221 Bow Street | Naples, FL 89022 | (000) 999-9999 | [Email]

Performance Summary
Highly focused and disciplined Laboratory Technician with more than 8 years’ hands-on lab experience. Well versed in performing laboratory tests in order to determine reliable results that support medical investigations. Hands on experience in coordinating preparation of culture and chemicals for testing purposes. Proficient in constructing and maintaining laboratory equipment to execute specialized laboratory tests, and documenting information derived from diagnostic tests in order to use them as aids for future reference.


Laboratory Technician | Delta Labs, Naples, FL | Jan 2006 to Present

• Develop a novel blood screening system brought about a decrease in time needed for managing electrophoresis tests
• Identify a potential problem in the H1N9 virus screening equipment thereby contributing to eliminating possible errors in test results
• Manage specimen collection duties
• Perform laboratory tests using a variety of equipment and reagents
• Interpret test results and document them appropriately
• Assist doctors in researching possible cures
• Prepare specimens and samples
• Disposing off specimens and samples appropriately
• Ensure appropriate maintenance of all testing equipment
• Ensure strict safety and sanitation procedures are carried out

Laboratory Technician | AA Company, Naples, FL | Jan 2005 – Dec 2005

• Implemented a centralized test reporting system that saved both time and resources by letting patients check their reports online
• Introduced an inventory system that maintains appropriate levels of reagents thereby reducing chances the facility being out of stock at the time of crucial testing procedures
• Assisted laboratory technicians with preparing and placing samples
• Managed paperwork in accordance to laboratory procedures
• Provided support in researching activities
• Ensured that all laboratory equipment is cleaned and sanitized at the end of each shift

Associate Degree in Pathology | 2003
Florida State University, Naples, FL

Medical Laboratory Technician – ASCP | 2004