Produce Clerk Resume Sample

Updated on: March 8, 2022

Produce clerks are required to manage fresh and packed fruits and vegetables in a grocery store.

They ensure that produce is stocked and rotated appropriately in a store and that all displayed produce is fresh.

Produce clerks report to managers from whom they take their orders on a daily basis. They help customers in choosing and locating their choice of fruits and vegetables and are required to answer any questions that the customers may have.

When writing a resume for a produce clerk’s position, you need to first understand the core requirements of the employer and this position.

A resume for the produce clerk position will contain information regarding your understanding of ordering and stocking produce in a grocery environment and your skills in customer services.

If you possess a high school diploma and are interested in working in a grocery store, the position of a produce clerk may be just right for you.

The following resume sample will help you apply for a job in this capacity.

Produce Clerk Resume Example

Sam Higgins
4019 Alpha Road
Dorchester Center, MA 32343
(000) 999-4678

• Over 11 years of experience working as a Produce Clerk.
• Familiar with activities involved in sticking and rotating fresh produce.
• In-depth knowledge of product ordering and maintaining produce coolers.
• Proficient in picking out the right shipment of products in terms of quality and ensuring order accuracy

• Stocking
• Merchandise Rotation
• Trimming
• Watering
• Inventory Control
• Product Recommendation
• Communication
• Organization
• Customer Service

• Increased customer retention percentage by employing quality produce procurement procedures.
• Streamlined the produce stocking procedure by charting out specific guidelines regarding shelf space and rotation activities.
• Trained new hires in delivering customer service excellence within the produce department.
• Introduced a new line of organic products engendering a new clientele of health-conscious customers.


Food City – Dorchester Center, MA                 
Jan 2016 – Present
Produce Clerk
• Greeted customers and assisted them in picking out their choice of fruits and vegetables.
• Provided advice on which type of produce to buy depending on customers’ cooking preferences.
• Stock and rotate produce as required.
• Ensure that old or expired produce is removed and discarded.
• Maintain back stack areas as directed.
• Order produce stock and manage inventories.

Grant’s Grocers – Phoenix, AZ           
Mar 2009 – Jan 2016
Grocery Stocker
• Assisted customers in locating groceries.
• Helped customers in making purchasing decisions.
• Provided information on different grocery items.
• Stocked the grocery shelves as directed.
• Managed rotation services as instructed.
• Cleaned and maintained shelves and coolers.

High School Diploma
Phoenix High School – Phoenix, AZ