Restaurant Crew Leader Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

Updated: April 18, 2022
Position Overview

Restaurant crew leaders direct and supervise the work of staff engaged in food preparation and serving duties within a restaurant.

They may work in fast food chains and restaurants and are required to ensure that the operations of a restaurant run smoothly.

A restaurant crew leader is responsible for managing the staff on the shift. Since restaurants open for many hours during a workday, there are at least a couple of turns, and each shift has its crew leader.

There are two significant areas that a restaurant crew leader is expected to oversee, i.e., ensuring excellent customer service and making sure that the restaurant runs smoothly.

This position requires one to be very organized and hands-on, where restaurant operations are concerned.

Mostly, people who have once worked as part of a restaurant crew are promoted to a crew leader position because they understand what customer services are all about.

Knowledge of the foodservice industry and exceptional ability to provide excellent customer services are two of the essential prerequisites for this position.

Restaurant crew leaders ensure that the staff under their care performs well and that any complaints are responded to immediately.

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Restaurant Crew Leader Job Duties and Responsibilities

• Create and hand over crew schedules and ensure that they are followed properly.

• Supervise staff to make sure that they perform their duties with customer satisfaction in mind.

• Train new crew members to handle food preparation and serving duties.

• Provide workers with information on food safety, sanitation, and personal hygiene.

• Inspect food supplies, dishware and flatware, and food preparation equipment to ensure quality and standards.

• Assist with inventory control of food, equipment, liquor, and supplies and report any shortages or inconsistencies to the designated staff.

• Interviewing, hiring, and training new staff and providing them with orientation.

• Keep an eye on operational issues such as theft and wastage and establish protocols to minimize them.

• Ensure that kitchen equipment is maintained on a regular basis and arrange for repairs on time.

• Make reports of equipment wear and tear and sanction the purchase of new equipment.

• Ensure that food portions and courses are appropriate before they are served to customers.

• Greet and seat customers and keep an eye on their needs.

• Assist in processing payments through cash and credit cards.

• Listen and address customers’ complaints and suggestions.

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