Publicist Job Description, Duties and Responsibilities

Updated on: May 29, 2021

With media so widespread in recent times, it is no wonder that many people and organizations are hiring professionals to publicize their events or personas.

Publicist Job Description

Publicists are public relations professionals who work to ensure that a company develops and maintains a positive image in the public. They work with the media to achieve this and usually work for public relations agencies.

They are also expected to cultivate a company’s image in a manner that projects it as a brand more than just a mere company.

Publicists are usually hired as an intermediary between their clients and the media. They are expected to push promos and other high-value coverage within top-tier business media outlets. They also schedule events for positive media projection and may review and edit press releases, fact sheets, and media briefings.

With the technology boom at its best since the previous decade, publicists oversee email marketing, social media interactions, and other promotional initiatives including photoshoots and interviews depending on the clients that they are working for.

Publicists are highly creative and extremely outgoing people as their work demands it. Since they mostly work on several projects at the same time, they need to be proactive and responsive to change.

On a broader scale, they participate in strategizing innovative publicity campaigns for optimum positions.

They usually work in tandem with the public relations department in order to achieve this. Since this position requires a lot of communication, a person’s communication skills in writing and speaking need to be extremely good.

Another important part of a publicist’s job is to maintain data warehouses and conduct and assist in the planning of training activities for other people aspiring to work in this position.

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Publicist Job Duties, Tasks and Responsibilities

• Meet corporate clients to determine their need for media presence.
• Provide clients with information on how to handle media presence and the baggage that comes with it.
• Create and implement publicity plans to ensure appropriate coverage in the media.
• Plan and execute strategies to overtake the potential competition in the arena.
• Develop creative pitches and targeted outreach lists.
• Schedule clients’ appearances at events, photoshoots, and interviews.
• Guide clients about what may appear as positive or negative when in public eye.
• Develop and implement creative ways of keeping the client in the news.
• Identify appropriate markets for each individual client and ensure that pitches are disseminated in an effective manner.
• Write press releases and assist in creating and procuring press kits and articles.
• Make editorial calendars and media lists for the purpose of handling publicity campaigns.
• Ensure that clients’ information and the image is rampant on social media.
• Create and maintain positive relationships with key members of the media.
• Research necessary communication avenues to ensure clients’ publicity objectives are met.
• Proofread and vet all media copy before it is released.
• Ensure partnership integration by handling the execution of event details in an appropriate manner.

Eligibility Criteria

Working as a publicist is not easy work as you often have to work round the clock.

However, if you are great at public speaking and have the confidence to work in this extremely demanding position, you can obtain a publicist’s position; all you will have to do is make sure that you are academically prepared for it.

A university or college major in communications, journalism, or public relations can do wonders for you.