Public Relations Coordinator Job Description for Resume

Updated on: March 18, 2021

Strong public relations are the bloodline of any business. After all, customers make a business successful, and it is crucial to portray a positive image of a company to them.

This is what public relations coordinators do. They plan and execute programs that are aimed at projecting a business favorably to the masses.

To qualify for the position of a public relations coordinator, one must possess a degree in public relations, journalism, or marketing.

Recruiters often look for previous experience as it can go a long way in helping a company carry out its public relations activities.

Public relations coordinators report to either the director of public relations or communications, depending on the specific hierarchy of the company that they are working for.

A typical workday in a public relations coordinator’s life will include working feverishly to create and maintain liaison with media and handling the company’s public relations communication needs. Other duties that are part of the job include:

Sample Job Duties to Add in a Public Relations Coordinator Resume

• Plan, create, and execute public relations activities such as media liaison and promotion of general program awareness

• Cultivate relationships with key players of the project

• Pitch project information to the daily press

• Vet media inquiries into the project and provide additional project information

• Schedule meetings to field project information to vendors and other interested parties

• Draft project correspondence such as press releases

• Conduct research activities to identify appropriate audiences

• Monitor incoming calls for information

• Update media correspondence regularly

• Handle the staffing and filming needs of media events

• Maintain and promote the company’s public image in a favorable manner

• Convene meetings and provide employees with customer service targets for specified periods

• Address document production requests and handle priority placement activities

• Identify the need for improvements in current media liaison activities

• Track social media impact following social media manager’s directives

• Handle travel and accommodation logistics for offshore projects

• Assist public relations teams in organizing communication content

• Provide insight into all communication content – edit and proofread information before publication

• Handle outreach projects aimed at selecting media targets

• Support social media team in handling media outreach programs

• Assist in fundraising activities and oversee the company’s branding directives

• Greet and assist visitors by employing public relations charm and direct them to the right department

• Handle the company’s internal communication to coordinate each department’s guidelines

• Assist in providing public relations support to special projects

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