Parking Attendant Resume Example

Updated on: June 1, 2019


A parking attendant resume is a critical part of your job search.

It is a 1-2 page document that sells your skills and knowledge to a prospective employer.



A parking attendant resume contains information on your relevant experiences and accomplishments.

You should write it in a compellingly in order to grab the prospective employer’s interest.

Applicants who best write their past experiences, education, and skills related to Parking Attendant job receive further consideration.



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Parking Attendant Resume Sample


John Smith
52 Southlawn Street, Beverly Hills CA 98765
(000) 201-9695


Self-motivated and energetic Parking Attendant with exceptional customer service and parking management skills. Over seven years’ experience in directing incoming traffic to available parking lots. A responsible individual who enthusiastically assists customers by answering their questions. Keenly observes suspected violations, safety hazards and any unusual activity and report and incident to supervisor promptly. Ability to work efficiently in a fast-paced environment.

• Parking fees collection
• Ticket stubs issuance
• Directing customers to available spaces
• Driving and parking
• Balancing/reconciling cash
• Sorting, counting, and preparing money for a deposit


Valet Parking Attendant
Four Seasons – Beverly Hills, CA | 2014-present

• Guide guests to carefully and efficiently park their vehicles.
• Assist in the entry of cars and buses into a variety of parking lots and parking spaces.
• Maintain sanitation of assigned work areas as instructed.
• Operate 2-way radio for communication with supervisors and colleagues.
• Provide guests with proper travel directions.
• Constantly monitor vehicle traffic in parking areas.
• Communicate with other parking areas to ensure a faultless parking experience for guests.
• Clean and maintain work area.
• Maintain the order of vehicles waiting for parking space.
• Provide information for guests to help them while navigating in the premise and admission to all facilities.
• Monitor area and communicate with guests to ensure their safety.

Parking Attendant
Michigan City Hotel – Ann Arbor, MI | 2011-2014

• Greeted guests who arrived by private car and opened doors for them.
• Issued valet parking ticket to guests.
• Opened hotel doors for guests.
• Provided guests with instructions, recommendations, and information about the city and its attractions.
• Retrieved car for guests speedily and safely.

ST. LOUIS HIGH SCHOOL, Ann Arbor, MI – 2009

• MS Word and Office
• Parking Software System

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