Caregiver Summary / Profile for Resume

Updated on: September 6, 2015

One of the hardest parts of putting a caregiver resume together is writing the career summary. You really have to brainstorm if writing a good summary is important to you. There are several things you can do to figure out what to write in your summary statement. The easiest is to ask yourself some questions including:

• What is my career objective?
• How much relevant experience do I have?
• What are the qualifications for the job and how do I measure up?
• Do I have an overall career achievement that shows my merits for the job?
• What personal attributes do I have that will help a prospective employer?

Can you imagine writing an answer for all these? If you can, you actually have a ready-made career summary waiting for you. Well, almost, anyway! What you can do is put your values, qualifications and experiences together and come up with a comprehensive looking summary statement for your resume.

It is often taken for granted that if you have applied for a job, it means that you are obviously well-qualified for it. Make this “for granted” part “obvious”. If you feel that you are suitable for a position, make it obvious through a summary statement. And you will notice that the flow of the rest of your resume will flow smoothly!

Here are some professional summaries that you can look through to write your own:

Sample Summary / Profiles for Caregiver Resume

• A conscientious and self-motivated individual with demonstrated expertise in developing and implementing core caregiving programs, aimed at meeting the medical and non-medical needs of residents. Track record of performing caregiving tasks with minimal supervision and accept personal responsibility for maintaining a professional relationship with residents.

• Highly motivated and compassionate caregiver with documented success in providing individual personal care to clients by employing expertise in psychological management and physical care. Competent at assisting residents in activities of daily living.

• Positive, confident individual with solid proficiency in providing seniors and adults with assistance in daily living activities. Well-versed in assisting with personal tasks such as grooming, bathing and toileting and providing companionship and emotional support.

• A versatile, enthusiastic and competent caregiver who always strives to promote residents’ independence by providing quality care and support. Has gained a variety of skills such as medication administration, psychological intervention and back-up treatment scheduling through 5+ hands-on experience in caregiving arena.

• 7+ years’ progressive experience in personal care arena. Exceptional ability to provide direct care in compliance with the facility’s patient care polices. Dedicated to providing the exceptional emotional and physical support by employing deep insight into patient care procedures and compassionate succor.