Communications Intern Cover Letter Sample

Updated on May 30, 2019

When writing a cover letter for a communications internship, special care should be given.

This is because just an extraordinary cover letter can win an interview.


As it is a cover letter for an internship position, you can make a few exceptions in the general cover letter writing rules.

Firstly, mention more skills and focus on your knowledge instead of experience.

Secondly, add your qualifications in light of the job description to make it more appealing in the eyes of the potential employer.

Yes, it definitely means you need a separate cover letter for every company you apply at even if the position is the same!



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Communications Intern Cover Letter Sample


Kate Wesley
766 South Ave, Auburn, WA 34986
(000) 201-6598

May 30, 2019

Mr. Fredrick Gordon
HR Manager
6170 Terrace Lane
Auburn, WA 34986


Dear Mr. Gordon:

If you are searching for an active, tenacious and result-oriented communications intern, look no further.

Majoring in web-based communications, I offer T-Links the following competencies in the capacity of a communications intern:

✔ Well versed in networking, web linking and using mobile-based internet connections

✔ Familiar with online content publishing and SEO protocols

✔ Adept at building and maintaining public relations for content promotion

✔ Skilled in effectively utilizing social media websites for promotional purposes

Being equipped with all the competencies you have mentioned in the advertisement, I believe myself to be a forerunner for this internship. I am very eager to learn about the communicational challenges your organization currently faces and to demonstrate how hiring me can make a difference.

May I suggest a face to face meeting to facilitate the purpose? I will contact you next week to schedule a suitable time for an interview. In the meanwhile, I will be available at (009) 444-3333 to provide any information you require regarding my education and qualification.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Kate Wesley

Kate Wesley

Encl. Resume

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