MBA Internship Cover Letter Sample (+Writing Guide)

Updated on: December 26, 2021
MBA Internship Cover Letter Writing Guidelines

As an MBA student, your cover letter must communicate your strong dedication and willingness to work.

Your MBA internship cover letter should also cater to the needs of the employer and demonstrate a strong orientation towards exceptional support and customer care delivery.

Try to learn more about the employer preferences for the internship position and then format your cover letter accordingly.

Since limited space is available to mention your skills, use this space wisely, and mention only the skills that are important for the employer.

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Sample Cover Letter for MBA Internship

James Fischer
896 Jetty Square
Seattle, WA 74556
(000) 555-4444
james @ email . com

December 26, 2021

Mr. Hitch Gray
YOYO Enterprises
780 Glen Cove
Seattle, WA 74556

Dear Mr. Grey

Having seen your advertisement for a marketing intern position, I wish to apply for the same to pursue my career interests to contribute to your success. I am a final year student of ABC University Seattle, currently pursuing my degree in MBA Marketing.

I offer exceptional skills in business management and contemporary marketing strategies. I apply with a broader aim of developing your business by enhancing the satisfaction level of the target market.

The following is a summary of my attributes which makes me a strong candidate for an MBA internship at your firm:

  • Know-how of customer care delivery protocols
  • Hands-on experience in launching new product campaigns
  • Skilled in day to day business administrative tasks
  • Track record of creating new marketing niches
  • Expert in product surveying
  • Well-versed with competitive market analysis

With my competencies in the field of marketing and business administration, I would like to discuss how I intend to utilize these capabilities for the growth of YOYO enterprises. I’ll enthusiastically wait for your phone call at (000) 555-4444 to schedule an interview.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


James Fischer

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