Communications Intern Resume Example

Updated on: April 6, 2022

When writing a resume for a communication internship, it is best to present your strengths and core competencies in an optimized manner.

Mentioning a previous internship or any volunteer work is highly advisable.

Since your main offer is your skills, it’s a good idea to go for a functional/skills-based resume.

It might sound too direct, but always state your best selling points at the top of your resume.

Candidates often make the mistake of saving their best skills for the end.

The point is that by the time the employer reaches the bottom of your document if s/he decides to read it.

Stating your best on the top is called the top-down approach, and all resume specialists strongly recommend it.

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Communications Intern Resume Sample

Daniel Gulliver
1610 Wood Way
Hopkinton, MA 43565
☏  (004) 333-2222
[email protected]


Seeking a communications internship with MMA. Bringing proficiency in on-site communication and post-event reporting coupled with substantial knowledge of digital communication protocols.


• Able to link and support networks using a modem, MDM, GPS, and android technology
• Well versed in establishing internal servers, LAN/ WAN

Digital Promotion
• Adept at developing and posting content to LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media networks for promotion
• Familiar with basic SEO techniques

Writing and Publishing
• Excellent writing skills with the ability to generate flawless event reports
• Capable of typing error-free write-ups, editing, tagging, and publishing articles on the official website

• Familiar with MS office suite, Visio and SPLUNK
• Capable of handling and processing invoices effectively
• Adept at assisting in budget management tasks by identifying economic channels for communication
• Trained in editing and uploading interactive videos for advertising purposes

• Team player with the ability to work effectively in a group
• Detail-oriented personality; fully capable of understanding and following instructions


Red Cross, Hopkinton, MA
Jan 2022 – Apr 2022
• Assisted the marketing manager in spreading awareness regarding the services of the red cross
• Developed and issued reports for fundraising purposes featuring successful welfare events
• Helped the team in developing effective communication strategies for times of disaster

BS, Digital Communications
Technology Institute, Hopkinton, MA | In Progress

AS Communications
State College, Hopkinton, MA | 2019

• Android applications
• Social networking

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