Inventory Planner Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: April 7, 2022

A cover letter for the Inventory Planner position is synonymous with an introductory meeting with the potential employer.

Just like you prepare for a first meeting, your cover letter must be written after a lot of preparation.

You might have a compelling resume and an impressive job application package, but failing to come up with a good cover can take your candidacy from hero to zero.

Inventory planning is a challenging position, and your cover letter needs to prove that you are worthy of handling it.

Since the employers are seeking evidence of your potential, instead of beating about the bush, why not just phrase your achievements as proof of your capabilities in the field?

This will not only save the employer’s time but will also help your cover letter stand out from the lot!

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Sample Cover Letter for Inventory Planner Position

Gloria Benedict
677 Mayfield Ave
Los Angeles, CA 67838
☏ (003) 666-7777
[email protected]

April 7, 2022

Mr. Jake Anderson
HR In Charge
899 Prairie Meadows
Los Angeles, CA 67838

Dear Mr. Anderson:

  1. Could your company use someone who would slash the production and purchase costs through effective inventory control?
  2. Do you need an inventory planning professional who has a proven track record of implementing strategic forecast-based inventory planning?

With 9+ years of experience in inventory control and management, I believe my profile offers exactly what your firm currently needs. Well-versed in analyzing usage data and stock levels to support business demands, I offer expertise in reconciling material requirement planning.

During my career with FMC in the capacity of an inventory control planner, I:

  • Predetermined inventory control levels based on the evaluation of historical sales data and future financial forecast, resulting in an  increased monthly turnover almost by double
  • Controlled production cost to a great extent by active utilization and application of P&L cost reduction strategies relevant to inventory management
  • Designed, developed, and executed various strategic inventory control plans that led to unexpected enhancement in revenue
  • Ensured fulfillment of regional requirements by evaluating batch code data through SKU supply chain and analysis of the shelf life of products

In addition to fulfilling the typical responsibilities of this role, I am able to collaborate with international partners to ensure the consistency of information and the adoption of best practices worldwide.

Please review my enclosed resume and call me at (000) 666-7777 to schedule an interview at your earliest convenience. I can’t wait to discuss your company’s current dynamics in detail and to explain the various ways in which hiring me could benefit Adecco.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Gloria Benedict

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