Donuts Maker Job Description and Duties

Updated on: March 26, 2021
Donuts Maker Position Overview

If donuts are your passion, you may want to peruse a career as a donuts maker. What exactly does a donuts maker do?

Well, a donuts maker makes donuts! But it is not as simple as it sounds. Working as a donuts maker requires one to understand the work thoroughly.

Following the right recipes, and even creating recipes at times is required. And you have to be skilled in doing both.

Donuts Maker Position Requirements

Usually, a high school diploma or a GED equivalent is sufficient to work as a donuts maker.

Prior kitchen experience in a baker or chef role may be considered a great brownie point.

At this position, you have to understand what the work entails primarily – obtaining the right ingredients and ensuring that they are measured, combined, and mixed properly is important. And you have to be skilled in it.

A donuts maker usually works for a bakery or a restaurant that has donuts on the menu.

And if you also want to work in this capacity, we suggest that you look through the following list of duties particular to this position:

Donuts Maker Duties and Responsibilities

• Determine the right amounts and types of ingredients required for making donuts.

• Check order sheets in order to figure out how many donuts need to be made.

• Obtain ingredients, and following recipes in order to combine and mix them.

• Use hands, or hand or power mixers in order to make donut dough or mixture.

• Ensure that the right quantities of ingredients, such as flour, yeast, and sugar are added to the mixture.

• Use donut cutters in order to cut and shape donuts properly.

• Place donuts in oven or fryers, and set baking/frying times.

• Observe donuts as they are being cooked in order to ensure that they don’t burn, or remain raw.

• Remove cooked/baked donuts, and place them on cooling racks.

• Glaze donuts according to provided recipes, and sprinkle toppings such as edible confetti, sugar, or cream on them.

• Ensure that toppings are properly set before packing donuts in boxes or bags.

• Place donuts in cases and racks at the front end of the bakery.

• Perform preventative as well as regular maintenance on fryers and ovens on a regular basis.

• Ensure that all ingredients and supplies required for baking donuts are available at all times.

• Oversee inventory in order to determine stock situations.

• Inform supervisors of low stock situations.

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