College Instructor Cover Letter with No Experience

Updated on: March 23, 2021
How to Write a College Instructor Cover Letter with No Experience?

The following 8 tips will help you write a great entry-level cover letter for college instructor position:

  1. Address the letter to the hiring manager or principal, never begin it with to whom it may concern.
  2. Make the letter sound like it’s about the prospective college rather than you.
  3. Find out the issues the relevant department is facing and mention how your skills could help in resolving them.
  4. Cover up for the lack of experience by stating your relevant skills effectively.
  5. Emphasize any internship experience you have had, which relates to the teaching profession.
  6. Highlight your relevant training and education in the cover letter.
  7. Make your letter unique by instilling some of your personality traits into the writing.
  8. Proofread your letter twice at least and ask some friend to read it for you also.

College Instructor Cover Letter Sample with No Experience

Charles McKenzie
135 Lake Shore Ave, Chicago, IL 87262
(002) 444-2222
charles @ email . com

March 23, 2021

Mr. Carl Fairley
HR Manager
Columbia College
654 DH Lane
Chicago, IL 87262

Dear Mr. Fairley:

Having recently completed my Master’s degree in English, I seek a career as a college instructor at Columbia College.

My exceptional GPA and a very impressive thesis (that is due to be published in an international peer-reviewed journal this month) speak of my dedication to the teaching field. I have also had the chance of serving as a teacher’s assistant during my student years, through which I have developed confidence and interest in college instruction and teaching. My performance in class as a teacher’s assistant and during the few presentations I delivered in the class were highly commended, and my professors endorse the same.

I am enclosing a copy of my resume and abstract of my thesis to indicate my research interests for your review. If you require any additional documents, I will be happy to provide them.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Charles McKenzie

2 thoughts on “College Instructor Cover Letter with No Experience

  1. Charlene

    Good day, Sir/Ma’am. Please provide a sample that is relevant to me. I don’t have my Master’s degree yet. I just passed the LET 2019. What should I write to make it more sounds convincing? Please help me.


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