Fitness Coordinator Cover Letter Sample

Updated: December 26, 2018

Overview & Guidelines

Typically, Fitness Coordinator cover letters are skimmed through once and archived if there is lack of information in them.

Your cover letter needs to illustrate the value that you will bring to the company, once you are hired. To make sure that your cover letter does this, keep reading.

A cover letter does not have to be “pretty” – using designer fonts, and bright colors will not help your case.

In fact, what will assist you in obtaining the fitness coordinator job is a cover letter that is written excellently using simple language.

Giving respect to white space will end up in hiring managers reading your cover letter for sure, as it will be readily navigable.

Make sure that the content of your cover letter is what a hiring manager expects to read, and that the format is easy to go through.

Take ideas from the following cover letter sample for fitness coordinator resume:

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Fitness Coordinator Cover Letter Sample


December 26, 2018

Mr. Vincent Phillips
Human Resource Manager
Studio 1
770 Blue Wharf Road
Rutland City, VT 58003


Dear Mr. Phillips:

For me, physical fitness means a way of life. And to provide others with insight into why this part of our lives is so important, I offer my services in the role of a fitness coordinator at Studio 1. As someone whose fitness plans are unique and workable, I am sure your client base will love my addition to the studio team.

A physically fit individual myself, I am a role model for all my clients, in my present place of work. My ability to assess clients to determine their specific fitness goals, and creating and implementing correlating fitness regimes is quite well-placed. And this can be proven by the many reviews that I have received on social media, by satisfied clients, who have reached their fitness goals without any problems.

Because I can amalgamate fitness and diet plans into one solid health plan for each assigned client, I will soon be a popular fitness coordinator to work with at Studio 1. Also, my patience and perseverance with clients, has helped me obtain the title of “Eager Beaver” by my valued clients, who appreciate my dedication in this regard.

I will contact you next week to see if we can meet in person to discuss my suitability for a fitness coordinator position at Studio 1. Thank you for your time and consideration.



Allen Herbert

(000) 524-9696