Fitness Coordinator Job Description

Updated on: May 5, 2018

Position Overview

A fitness coordinator is a dream come true for people wanting to be in their best physical health.

The work of a fitness coordinator is to ensure that all assigned clients are provided with the right type of exercise and fitness assistance, aiming to help them meet their individual goals.

Fitness coordinators are usually hired by fitness facilities which provide physical fitness and health assistance.

Position Requirements

To work as a fitness coordinator, one does not need more than a high school diploma, as far as formal education is concerned.

A certification in physical fitness training, particular to the state that you are working in may be required by employers though. As a fitness coordinator, there are some prerequisites that you have to keep in mind before applying for the job.

For starters, you have to be fit yourself, so that you can be a role model for people training under you. In addition to this, you must be able to handle more than one client at a time, as you will be assigned several clients at times. Moreover, your ability to assess clients to determine their specific fitness goals needs to be well-placed, as should your capability of creating and implementing fitness programs.

Before you apply for a fitness coordinator position, go through the following list of duties particular to this position:

Fitness Coordinator Duties & Responsibilities

• Welcome walk-in clients as they arrive at the fitness studio, and provide them with information on available facilities and services.

• Engage new or prospective clients in conversation to determine their specific fitness goals.

• Assess clients’ physical conditions to determine what intensity of fitness program they can handle.

• Interview clients to decipher if they have any health issues or physical limitations.

• Create and implement core fitness and health programs for all assigned clients, keeping in mind their individual goals.

• Assist clients in the use of fitness equipment, as part of the personal training program.

• Review and assess the efficacy of implemented fitness programs, and provide interventions and modifications as required.

• Monitor clients’ progress on a regular basis, and provide updates to the fitness program as necessary.

• Schedule and follow up with clients to ensure that they do not miss or forget their classes.

• Create and maintain the inventory of fitness supplies and equipment, ensuring that low stock situations do not arise.

• Oversee the cleaning and maintenance of fitness equipment, ensuring that all maintenance tasks are performed on time.

• Organize and oversee fitness programs and events, including presentations, and staff training modules.