ESL Instructor Job Description and Duties for Resume

Updated November 11, 2019
Position Overview

Globalization has great benefits, one of which is the people from different backgrounds and with diverse skills can get together and work towards a common goal.

However, language issues can put a damper on an individual’s work abilities. This is why it is important for foreign students to learn English as a second language.


This is where an ESL instructor comes in. Their main job is to help students learn English, by providing both group and one on one lessons. Most ESL instructors work in language institutes.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility requirements to work as an ESL instructor is a TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) certificate.

Skills and Abilities

Of course, excellent command on the language is a great priority. Working as an ESL instructor can be quite challenging, which is why you have to be exceptionally skilled.

Some abilities that you will need are problem-solving capacities, ability to prioritize conflicting demands and knowledge of analyzing situations properly so that you can ensure instruction efficacy.


When working as an ESL instructor, you will be expected to perform some or all of the duties listed below:

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ESL Instructor Job Description and Duties

• Determine each student’s ability to speak, write, and communicate in the English language.

• Create lesson plans for students based on their individual requirements.

• Develop lesson imparting techniques, for a group and one on one sessions

• Plan and prepare teaching materials in accordance with set instructions.

• Impart lessons that enthuse and inspire students, and promote the joy of learning.

• Address specific problem areas, and provide excellent assistance.

• Administer academic assessments to determine students’ ability to retain information.

• Provide a nurturing and supporting environment, aimed at ensuring that students remain motivated.

• Establish and implement behavioral standards required to run an orderly and productive classroom environment.

• Employ a variety of instructional techniques in order to ensure that all students remain at par with each other

• Track students’ progress, and provide timely and accurate feedback on performances and achievements.

• Write clear and concise reports on students’ progress, and suggest ways to improve language.

• Ensure that lessons remain in alignment with respective objectives and goals.

• Utilize learning spaces such as boards, displays, and projectors in an effective manner.

• Organize and lead specialized courses for organizational deployment purposes.

• Complete administrative duties such as records keeping, and attendance management.

• Develop and refine teaching materials and resources in an appropriate way.

• Assist students in learning the English language through conventional as well as non-conventional ways.

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