ESL Instructor Resume Sample

Updated November 11, 2019

There are several ways in which you can write a resume to apply for an ESL instructor position.

Choosing the right format is vital to the success of your resume. In it, mention why you feel that you are the best at what you do.


In your ESL instructor’s resume, focus on your offerings.

Past experience, present skills, and accomplishments information will go a long way in making you an excellent candidate for this position.

The following resume sample for an ESL instructor speaks volumes for the candidate:

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ESL Instructor Resume Example


Van Dyke
92 Santa Road, San Jose, CA48802
(000) 234-4543


Highly experienced ESL instructor, with excellent strengths in developing lesson plans in order to teach English as a second language. Exceptional ability to reach out to students to effectively help them out in their specific problematic areas. Proven ability to ensure on-time program completion.

• Curriculum Development
• Lesson Planning
• Resource Development
• Testing and Evaluation
• Professional Development
• Research-based Instruction
• Strategy Development
• Student-centered Communication
• Individual Attention
• Needs Assessment
• Rapport Development
• Student Evaluation

• Implemented a student evaluation system, as a result, decreased assessment time by 65%.
• Introduced the concept of student-centered communication, hence, increased outreach quality.
• Devised a unique testing and evaluation system, which placed 50% less pressure on students, with 100% results.
• Reorganized the existing lesson planning system, replacing some modules with more efficient ones.


ESL Instructor
American English College, San Jose, CA | 2015-present

• Create and implement core English curriculum and lesson plans
• Impart lessons in accordance with set plans
• Determine each student’s specific language learning needs, and create correlating lessons
• Assist students in grasping complex concepts such as grammar and syntax
• Support students during classwork, and provide homework assistance
• Assess students on a periodic basis to determine their learning capacities and progress
• Assist students with instruction in groups and as individuals
• Adjust lessons in accordance with students’ progress and needs
• Establish a positive student-teacher rapport
• Maintain student records such as attendance, and assessment scores
• Create and use English teaching resources and materials

Lead Teacher
St. Paul’s High School, San Jose, CA | 2012-2015

• Imparted lessons in accordance with previously developed curriculum
• Taught different concepts for different subjects
• Checked students’ work and marked it according to standards
• Assisted students in understanding difficult concepts
• Created and maintained student attendance records

Bachelor’s Degree in English
San Jose College, San Jose, CA – 2010

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