Top 18 HR Coordinator Achievements for Resume

Updated on: May 23, 2022

One of the most important parts of an HR coordinator resume is the achievements section.

Mostly, a hiring manager will skim the resume, looking for achievements information. Through it, you can easily convince the hiring manager to hire you because you’ve been doing a great job before.

What does one write in the achievements section in order to ensure that the hiring manager’s interest is piqued?

Well, you can begin with the time that you streamlined HR processes and made them more efficient.

Or you could talk about the time when you successfully managed a complex recruiting process.

The fact that you have the capacity to contribute to the HR department, and the company overall must be highlighted in the achievements part of your resume.


Let’s take a look at the following achievements examples that you can put on an HR coordinator resume:

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HR Coordinator Accomplishments and Achievements for Resume

  1. Revamped the existing employee screening system, making it 65% more efficient than before.
  2. Implemented a series of intake procedures, as a result, decreased information gathering time by 50%.
  3. Introduced a novel candidate identifying system, hence, improving the quality of the candidate pool.
  4. Introduced the concept of using ATS. Decreased initial screening time by 65%.
  5. Successfully coordinated 4 HR events at the same time, without compromising on quality delivery for any of them.
  6. Devised an HR report generation system; thereby, reducing reporting time by 75%.
  7. Increased application pool consistency by implementing a unique screening system.
  8. Singlehandedly created and maintained an employee database, making the information retrieving process easier to navigate.
  9. Effectively coordinated training sessions for 100+ new employees, spanning four offices.
  10. Consistently met employee headhunting deadlines between the years 2015 and 2018.
  11. Attained ‘Employee of the Year Award’ 3 times in a row, owing to exceptional contribution to the HR department.
  12. Trained 100+ individuals to work in a human resources capacity, as part of their induction process.
  13. Introduced a massive employee hunt campaign, and as a result, received high commendation from the management.
  14. Reined in a rollercoaster human resources project, and came out shining by achieving all assigned goals.
  15. Overhauled the benefits and compensation system, making it 65% more efficient than before.
  16. Grew candidate pool by 50% by coordinating with external recruiters.
  17. Implemented the concept of an employee background screening; as a result, enhanced the applicant pool.
  18. Remained on top of the management honor list, owing to exceptional contribution to the HR department.

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