14 HR Administrator Achievements and Accomplishments for Resume

Updated on: November 28, 2020
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Working in human resources is quite a challenging job and if you manage to accomplish something in it, you have had it made. This information of your achievements and accomplishments needs to go into your resume so that a prospective employer can foresee what you’ll be able to do for his company.

As a human resource administrator, it is imperative that you keep track of your most important achievements. These could include incidents such as the time when you managed to hire an entire team for an organization, and even when you were responsible for providing ongoing training to staff members.

Anything that can have quantifiable results is an achievement, so make sure that you look back and check what made you shine in an HR administrator role in the past.

It is imperative to make your HR administrator achievement statements profound – making the hiring manager see you in a positive light depicting how much you can do in terms of human resource management work is highly important.

Some sample achievement and accomplishment statements for a human resource administrator are provided below for your reference:

14 Sample Achievements and Accomplishments for HR Administrator Resume

1. Maximized team knowledge and productivity through the implementation of well-placed training procedures
2. Successfully interviewed, hired, and trained 50 individuals for a sales team within the management provided timeline
3. Singlehandedly maintained optimal staff levels by effectively tracking vacancies and initiating recruitment to identify talent
4. Suggested holding a series of HR seminars, as a result, managed to acquire top-level management talents
5. Implemented a compensation policy, hence, increased employee retention by 40%
6. Introduced the concept of ongoing training procedures for existing staff, thereby, increased customer service quality by 50%
7. Increased HR department efficiency through the implementation of electronic signatures and document imaging functions
8. Responsible for introducing a comprehensive multi-year healthcare benefits policy, which resulted in saving $50,000 yearly
9. Identified employee groups for 6 outreach and marketing campaigns, resulting in capturing a large market share.
10. Improved relations between employees and management, by effectively implementing team building activities
11. Considered to be instrumental in introducing a new web portal responsible for distributing relevant information to employees on all levels
12. Chosen as the only employee from the human resource department to be sent to Tokyo, Japan for a rigorous HR training spanning 3 weeks
13. Suggested implementation of work processes to ensure employee harmony, as a result, an increased general sense of wellbeing amongst teams
14. Arbitrated a highly controversial harassment case, as a result, made the office premises a safer domain for all employees

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