Hotel Housekeeping Job Description and Duties for Resume

Updated on: January 2, 2021
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Hotel Housekeeping Job Description

A hotel housekeeper is highly responsible for keeping rooms and other areas clean, neat, and organized in a hotel. If a hotel’s housekeeping team is a good one, its reputation is always considered good. No one wants to check in to a hotel room after a long flight and find out that bedsheets aren’t fresh and ashtrays haven’t been emptied!

The work of hotel housekeepers is manifold. They have to amalgamate good customer service with exceptional housekeeping services in a bid to keep guests happy and ensure repeat business opportunities.

They have to be thorough – a speck of dust on a table or a spot in the bathroom sink can quickly put off a guest – and they have to be quick. The time between two different guests occupying a room is tight, and it is up to the housekeeper to make sure that rooms are readied on time.

Some important duties of a hotel housekeeper are listed below:

Hotel Housekeeping Job Duties and Responsibilities to Add in a Resume

• Perform cleaning duties such as sweeping and mopping floors in guest rooms, offices, hallways, and reception areas
• Dust and polish furniture in rooms and lobbies and ensure that all fixtures such as lights and chandeliers are cleaned properly
• Vacuum carpets and rugs in rooms and other hotel areas and occasionally shampoo them according to provided instructions
• Wash and sanitize bathrooms and replenish supplies such as soap, shampoo, toilet paper, and towels
• Mix cleaning agents in appropriate portions and ensure that they are safely used and stored according to safety policies and procedures of the hotel
• Empty ashtrays and waste bins and ensure that all waste material is properly and safely disposed of
• Check stock levels of cleaning and sanitizing supplies and equipment and create and maintain effective liaison with suppliers for the prompt delivery of both
• Create and maintain a detailed inventory of cleaning supplies according to specified rules and regulations
• Ensure that laundry services are properly coordinated for all guests to minimize complaints and dissatisfaction
• Accept complaints and suggestions in a graceful manner and ensure that they are addressed according to the protocols

Hotel Housekeeping Education and Skills Requirements

Working as a hotel housekeeper does not require you to possess more than a high school diploma or a GED. You do have to possess great physical dexterity and the ability to manage several tasks at the same time though.

Additional requirements to work as a hotel housekeeper include knowledge of mixing and using cleaning products safely and appropriately and ensuring that laundry services are properly coordinated for each guest under one wing.