Hotel General Manager Job Description for Resume

Updated on: July 9, 2022

A hotel general manager is the end-all and be-all of a hotel.

This means that you will be responsible for ensuring that everything is in order, including operations and daily staff management activities.

Since the general manager is usually at the top of the organizational hierarchy, you need to be impeccable in what you do. One wrong move and the entire system can come crashing down.

Eligibility Criteria

To be considered an eligible candidate to hire as a general manager in a hotel, it is important to possess a degree in hotel management.

If you have worked your way up within the same line of work, you will be in a better position to understand the work, and will appreciate its worth – and hence become a good candidate to hire.

Outstanding management skills, the ability to think analytically, and a will to work round the clock are just some of the prerequisites of working as a hotel general manager.

Some hotels require their general managers to possess extensive experience (sometimes up to 15 years), so it is important for you to depict this experience (or as near to it as possible) when writing your resume.

Typical duties of a hotel general manager include:

Job Description for Hotel General Manager Resume

• Monitor the performance of the hotel through analysis of guest satisfaction metrics and systems

• Oversee financial reports and ensure that measures are taken to increase revenue and brand awareness

• Maintain service standards by ensuring that ongoing evaluations are conducted and that complaints are properly investigated

• Develop, maintain and implement aggressive long and short-term financial and marketing objectives that are consistent with the company’s mission statements

• Establish and maintain proactive human resource functions to ensure that employees are properly motivated, trained, and developed

• Create, develop and execute marketing, sales, and operational activities, aimed at producing results that meet the hotel’s business plans

• Ascertain that safety practices are followed by employees and guests and assist in the maintenance of emergency and security procedures

• Implement preventative maintenance programs to ensure that the hotel’s physical assets are properly protected

• Create and implement employee outreach programs by implementing effective open-door communication systems

• Drive sales and marketing strategies to create awareness about the hotel’s facilities and services, in comparison with competitors

• Draw up plans and budget concepts and effectively safeguard the realization, tracing, and adjustments of deviations

• Walk the hotel premises during shift changes to ensure that all is in check, and respond to any emergent or crises situations according to protocol