Hotel General Manager Resume Sample

Updated on: July 9, 2022

There are different ways to write a resume for a hotel general manager position – depending on the many factors that impact resume writing.

These may include levels of experience and age factors which are usually prime concerns of resume writers.

But whatever your age or experience level is, the basic resume remains the same.

The following sample will guide you on how it can be written.

Hotel General Manager Resume Example

Louise Banks
88 Thornton Road
Winooski, VT 10898
(000) 622-7454
bankslou @email . com


Top-performing leader, with more than 14 years of experience in managing complex hotel operations. Competent in hotel budgeting and forecasting, monitoring and developing staff performances, overseeing service quality and operational efficiency and monitoring sales and marketing initiatives while ensuring compliance with federal and state laws. Impeccable integrity and work ethic.

✓ Operational Management ✓ Budgeting Oversight
✓ Regulatory Compliance ✓ Strategic Planning
✓ Risk Identification ✓ Corporate Behavior Analysis
✓ Profitability Maximization ✓ Staff Hiring/Development
✓ Staff Mentoring ✓ Service Standards Monitoring
✓ Brand Enhancement ✓ Revenue Generation Trends

• Successfully brought a drowning hotel business from nothing to one of the best in the state, through implementation of strategic marketing plans.
• Identified a potential risk to the hotel as a business and promptly took measures to counter it.
• Introduced a staff mentoring plan, which resulted positively in motivating staff members to provide their best in terms of customer service.
• Increased the hotel’s profits by 55% within the first year of joining, owing to the implementation of extensive marketing and sales plans.


Hotel General Manager
The Hyatt, Winooski, VT
2016 – Present
• Create and implement effective open-door communication systems to meet interdepartmental goals
• Coordinate planning of department heads and assistant managers, in reference to work schedules, time tables and resolution of bottlenecks
• Ensure that all operations of the hotel adhere to brand and operational standards
• Lead the design and deployment of guest experience initiatives to ensure satisfaction at all levels
• Handle complaints by delving deep into the root of the cause and effectively ensuring that it is resolved immediately

General Manager
Holiday Inn, Winooski, VT
2008 – 2016
• Ensured that effective support functions were in place to support the hotel’s operations, including facilities management and supply chain and procurement
• Created and implemented yearly measurable and achievable business plans
• Collated and analyzed revenue generation trends of the hotel to identify critical areas for revenue enhancement
• Established financial reporting mechanisms to comply with the hotel standards
• Oversaw the operational stability and functionality of the hotel, paying special attention to service delivery standards
• Supervised front desk operations to ensure that appropriate services were being provided
• Coordinated the efforts of all departments to ensure constant and consistent smoothness of operations

Master of Business Administration
State University, Winooski, VT | 1992
Major: Hotel Management

Member: Society for Hotel Management Professionals