Hotel General Manager Key Skills for Resume

Updated on: July 9, 2022

When you are applying for a position at the top of the organizational hierarchy, it is most important to articulate your skills in a resume, as well as in a cover letter.

For instance, if you are applying for a position as a hotel general manager, you will need to really convince a hiring manager that you are worth his time and the resources that he will spend hiring you.

As a hotel general manager, your skills are probably obvious since you have reached this position.

But even so, it is important that you place them in your resume so that the hiring manager can get to know what they are.

Since you have reached this position using your skills primarily, it is important for you to chart them out as neatly as possible, making sure that you do not leave anything out.

Employers want to know what it is that you can do for them, and you have to make sure that give them this information as profoundly as possible.

How does one write skills statements in a resume?

The formula is simple:

What do I possess in terms of competencies and qualifications that will benefit your company?

Answering this question in your skills statement will do the job.

And here is how it can be done:

Sample Skills for Hotel General Manager Resume

• First-hand experience in ensuring that all operations of the hotel adhere to the company brand and operational standards

• Well-versed in leading the design and deployment of the guest experience, placing special value on repeat business opportunities

• Highly skilled in building effective relationships and initiatives to support hotel operational plans

• Exceptionally talented in ensuring that effective support functions are in place to support operations such as supply chain and procurement, engineering, and facilities management

• Proficient in creating annual business plans with management teams and stakeholders, ensuring that they are both measurable and achievable

• Effectively able to collate and analyze revenue generation trends of the hotel to efficiently identify critical areas for revenue enhancement

• Familiar with establishing financial reporting mechanisms to comply with industry and hotel standards

• Adept at driving sales activities to optimize the commercial performance of the hotel

• Proven record of implementing and maintaining communication systems that cross departmental lines to reach employees

• Solid track record of effectively coordinating the planning of department heads and assistant managers with regard to timetables and work schedules

• Competent in determining the need for workforce, recruitment, and hiring of new staff, and execution of performance reviews