Hotel General Manager Cover Letter Sample

Updated February 24, 2017

There may have been times when you got so frustrated with your cover letter writing endeavors that you decided to just leave it all! That is natural, especially when you are trying your best to write something that will make you an excellent candidate, but you fail every time. What does one do?

Firstly, sit back and take a deep breath. Cover letter writing is not easy for anyone. There is just so much to contend with that one often gets frustrated and unhappy while writing a cover letter. Since you cannot just leave a cover letter out, it is important to do your best, even if you feel it isn’t that best possible. Technically, your cover letter should include concise information about what your work-related capabilities are, and the different effective ways in which you can use them to benefit a company.

Take some help from the following cover letter sample:


Hotel General Manager Cover Letter Sample


February 23, 2017

Mr. Jim Morrison
Hiring Manager
Holiday Inn
6963 Pilot Road
Winooski, VT 40210


Dear Mr. Morrison:

How would you like to hire a general manager at Holiday Inn who has a reputation for building hotels from scratch, and saving drowning ones from terrible fates? My latest successful endeavor was bringing Atlas Hospitality back to life after its owner filed for bankruptcy 2 years ago. In 12 months, I was able to ensure that the hotel break-evened, and 6 months later, it was making a small profit.

As an industrious individual who has had extensive experience in overseeing and contributing to the operational efficiency of hotels, I can bet dollars that I am the best choice that you have. With over 15 years of experience in ensuring full compliance to hotel operating controls, standard operational procedures, policies, and service standards, I am sure that I will be nothing less than a credit to your hotel. Owing to the fact that I have been partly responsible for the ongoing profitability of the hotel where I am presently working, in addition to constantly and consistently ensuring that guest satisfaction standards are met, I am sure that hiring me as a general manager at your hotel will not be a bad decision.

I will drop by to see if you have time to meet with me next Tuesday. If you need any additional information to support my claims of being the best for this position, please contact me.



Sarah Palin

(000) 415-7584