Hotel General Manager Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: July 16, 2022

A hotel general manager cover letter is a 1-page document that is required to apply for a new job.

 Technically, a cover letter should include concise information about your work-related capabilities and the different effective ways in which you can use them to benefit a company.

You can get help from the following cover letter sample in order to write your own:

Hotel General Manager Cover Letter Example

Sarah Palin
(000) 521-9565

July 16, 2022

Mr. Jim Morrison
Hiring Manager
Holiday Inn
6963 Pilot Road
Winooski, VT 40210

Dear Mr. Morrison:

I am interested in speaking with you regarding the hotel general manager position with Holiday Inn. My leadership and hospitality experiences, as well as my management certification, have prepared me well to make a significant contribution to your organization. As an industrious individual who has had extensive experience in overseeing and contributing to the operational efficiency of hotels, I consider myself the best candidate for this role.

I offer 15 years of experience in ensuring full compliance with hotel operating controls, standard operational procedures, policies, and service standards. Through my great strategies, I increased the profits of the ABC Hotel by $50000 per month by ensuring that guest satisfaction standards were met.

Particularly, I am known for:

  • Providing the vision and leadership to inspire staff to deliver exceptional guest service that drives financial success
  • Defining customer service and hospitality goals and objectives, as well as strategies for achieving them
  • Maximizing profits by reducing overhead costs
  • Ensuring guest satisfaction and quality of services
  • Developing sales and marketing plans
  • Inspecting rooms, public areas, pools, and lawn for cleanliness and upkeep

I would love the chance to further discuss the position and what qualifications I’d bring to the role. I look forward to speaking with you about my experience and passion for all aspects of hotel management.

Thank you for your time and consideration. You can reach me at (000) 521-9565.


Sarah Palin

(000) 521-9565