Dress Code for an Interview

Updated: March 16, 2018


The interview is a stage where you cannot go wrong – you have to make a positive impression, as this is your last chance to impress a prospective employer enough so that he or she hires you.

Now that your preparation is complete, this means that you are done with practicing answers to questions that will be asked of you, it is time to concentrate on what you are going to wear.

No matter how talented you are professional, if your dress is not good enough, you aren’t good enough either.Tough? Maybe a little. The idea is to make sure that the employer likes the way you look.

Interview Dress Code for Men

For most interviews (for men), a suit is appropriate to wear. That means the entire shebang – coat, dress shirt, shiny shoes, and a tie. Dressing down is hardly an option here.

For other jobs in which you know that you will not be meeting with clients on face to face basis, you can maybe dress down a little. A dinner jacket, collared shirt without a tie, and Toms will do.

However, you have to make sure that your appearance is professional – your hair should not cover your forehead, and you must not wear overwhelming perfume.

Interview Dress Code for Women

For women, the decision of what to wear in an interview is a lot more difficult. You want to come across as professional, yet not enough that the employer deems you a bore.

A suit skirt will work wonders for you, as you will be considered a professional, yet not stiff.

You must make sure that you do not wear dangling jewelry, or show arms full of bracelets and bangles. Light makeup and a limited amount of perfume will do.

General Considerations

There are some things that you must make sure are not part of your attire, whether you are a man or a woman.

You may have tattoos all over your body, but there is no need to make them stand out. Cover them with your collar, hair, or sleeves, if you have to.

Any body piercings should not be made evident – dress in a way that they are covered too.


Remember that you are not trying to get a job with what you wear. It is only the first impression that you have to take care of.

Interviewers often decide in the first 10 seconds of meeting you whether they want to hire you or not, and you cannot risk it by putting on too much makeup, wearing shorts or short skirts, or chewing gum!

Keep a low profile, yet show how well-placed you are for the interview.

Good luck!