Hospitality Associate Resume Sample

Updated on: June 24, 2017

Resumes for hospitality associate position can be insightful – or not.

If they are the latter, they cannot reach a hiring manager at any level.

Verdict: resumes need to be exceptionally informational and relevant to be able to reach out to a hiring manager, who is looking to hire a certain type of individual.

Below is the hospitality associate resume sample to guide you how to write your resume.



Hospitality Associate Resume Sample



Roma Pollock

558 Black Valley Road | Everett, PA 15858
(000) 257-7845 | roma.pollock @ email . com


Performance Summary
Committed hospitality professional with over 7 years of successful experience in preparing meeting rooms, liaising with suppliers, providing assistance with catering services, and installing audiovisual equipment. Keen organization skills evidenced by handling all logistics in an efficient and timely manner.

An effective customer service professional who has a track record of providing first-tier services by welcoming guests, recording check-ins and check-outs, and ensuring confidentially of guest information.

Problem solver, ability to resolve conflicts and file incident reports to document problems.

Core Skills & Competencies

✓ First Contact Services ✓ Inventory Oversight
✓ Building Inspections ✓ Emergency Procedures
✓ Vendor Liaison ✓ Server Oversight
✓ Complaint Handling ✓ Catering Arrangements
✓ Special Requests Handling ✓ Daily Audits
✓ Guest Safety ✓ Event Setup and Breakdown


Key Accomplishments in Hospitality Arena
• Simultaneously handled the details of 4 major events taking place at the hospital at the same time
• Suggested daily check-in and check-out audits, resulting in determining problems with both procedures, and implementing viable solutions
• Identified a serious repair need within the building, which could have caused a fire if it hadn’t been identified on time
• Reduced the hotel’s décor costs 50% by introducing a new, less expensive vendor


The Hyatt, Everett, PA | 2013 – Present
Hospitality Associate

• Welcome guests as they arrive at the hotel and ensure that a guest relation officer is assigned to them
• Respond to guests’ / customers’ inquiries regarding organizing special events such as meetings and conferences
• Provide customers with information on facilities offered by the hotel and the metrics of organizing special events
• Arrange for the setup and break down of special events, focusing especially on timeliness
• Issue room keys to new guests and ensure that they are escorted to their rooms
• Respond to guests’ special requests according to established hotel rules and regulations
• Intervene in explosive situations involving guests and / or staff members, and endeavor to resolve them immediately
• Provide prospective guests with information on their reservation statuses, and assist with handling cancellations and wait lists

Vida Hospitality, Everett, PA | 2009 – 2013
Hospitality Aide
• Greeted guests and provided them with information about the hotel’s facilities and services
• Escorted guests to their assigned rooms and inquired into their welcome drinks preferences
• Operated the hotel telephone exchange system, taking and servicing calls
• Ascertained that messages were communicated to guests and that telephone calls were transferred to them
• Oversaw the work of the janitorial staff to ensure that the lobby and reception areas are kept clean at tidy at all times

Everett High School, Everett, PA | 2005
High School Diploma