6 Hospital Clerk Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: June 10, 2022

An interview is considered successful if you have answered most questions correctly, and have displayed maturity in admitting that you are not sure of the answers to others.

It is crucial to prepare for an interview so that you can correctly and confidently answer most questions.

To see what type of questions will be asked at an interview for a hospital clerk position, refer to the set below:

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Hospital Clerk Interview Questions and Answers

1. What have been your principal duties while working as a hospital clerk in a previous setting?

As a hospital clerk, I have been responsible for assisting with patients’ record management, hospital admissions, discharge work, equipment, and supplies requisitioning, and maintaining necessary patient information in a confidential manner.

2. What does data integrity mean to you?

In a hospital setting, the integrity of information holds great importance. If your records are not accurate, it may mean a life and death situation with the person involved.

3. Have you ever been in a situation where such an incident happened?

Thankfully, no! I have always been very meticulous, where my work is concerned. I take all my duties very seriously, which is why I check and double-check all my work before considering it good to go!

4. As far as patient relations are concerned, where do you stand?

Working as a hospital clerk means that you are in constant touch with patients. I am well-versed in responding to patients’ and their families’ requests over the telephone and in-person, assisting them with filling out admission and registration forms, and providing scheduling support to them.

5. What is your experience in operating office equipment?

Since a lot of my work depends on how well I can operate computers, fax machines, PABX systems, and scanning equipment, I have learned most of what there is to know about them, and have kept up with technology changes in all these areas.

6. On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being the lowest), where do you rate your people skills? Why?

I would give myself a realistic 7. I still have a lot to learn about human nature, but I can safely say that my people skills are quite well-polished, and I can handle explosive situations with tact and diplomacy.

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