Senior Financial Analyst Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

Updated on: June 10, 2022
Position Overview

A senior financial analyst is an experienced individual who is hired primarily to provide insight into financial planning, analysis, and projection for organizations.

It is their job to forecast future revenues and expenditures to establish cost structures and determine budget requirements for specific projects.

An individual working in this position needs to possess great insight into accounting and financial principles, in addition to exceptional skills in identifying financial trends.

Position Requirements

Working as a senior financial analyst means that you will need to possess a degree in finance or accounting, along with substantial experience in this area – preferably in the role of a financial analyst.

Expert-level analytic and financial modeling abilities, strategic thinking, exceptional presentation skills, knowledge of ERP systems, and excellent time management skills are all essential prerequisites of the job.

Most companies hiring senior financial analysts will require you to be proficient in using and working with spreadsheets and possess hands-on experience with statistical analysis and packages.

If you are well-informed in current financial forecasting and diagnosis, working as a senior financial analyst may be right down your alley.

Working for a few years in this role can easily help you aim for a position as the company CFO – chief financial officer.

And if this is what you want to aim for, you might need to go through the following job description for this position:

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Senior Financial Analyst Duties and Responsibilities

• Perform in-depth analysis of data to ensure completeness and accuracy of statistics provided by clients.

• Manage large datasets discover transaction patterns and examine financial data to determine the company’s financial standing.

• Perform monthly closings and prepare journal entries along with mapping required updates.

• Create and maintain monthly analysis and review of territory profit and loss statements.

• Provide financial audit support and third-party support on the required basis.

• Develop and maintain long-range planning models and update them on a required basis.

• Investigate significant fluctuations and prepare consolidated reports on profitability analysis.

• Prepare and maintain revenue trackers and growth rate schedules, and update industry and market data.

• Coordinate efforts with managers to update and maintain financial management policies.

• Provide support to the finance department in a bid to focus on reducing or/and managing costs.

• Develop and maintain financial models in support of preparation and review of distribution and sales.

• Lead periodic balance sheet reconciliations and support identified process improvement projects.

• Identify and address low value-added operational processes and undertake measures to enhance the efficiency and productivity of operating processes.

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