Top 12 Hospital Housekeeping Interview Questions and Answers

Updated: January 7, 2023

The interview process for hospital housekeeping positions has many phases.

The first phase is one when an applicant enters the interview room.

The second is the interview questions and answers and then comes the third when the applicant exits.

There is a reason why we have categorized the hospital housekeeping interview process.

During each process, the interviewer looks closely at how the candidate manages situations.

There are many things that are taken into account, including how an applicant reacts and the level of their confidence.

That said, confident people are half winners and if you have half the interview won, chances are that the rest of it will be won too!

So if it is a hospital housekeeping job that you are appearing at an interview for, here are a few mock questions that you can practice answering before you go in:

Sample Hospital Housekeeping Interview Questions and Answers

1. Tell me a little bit about yourself.

I am an extremely skilled hospital housekeeper who has a verifiable track record of surpassing employers’ expectations. I am knowledgeable about the specific maintenance needs of hospitals and have both the physical strength and procedural know-how to carry them out.

2. Out of all the other candidates, why should we hire you?

You should hire me because I am an expert in the following areas that will help me contribute to your bottom line:

• Clean and maintain the assigned hospital areas
• Sweep and mop floors in rooms, lobbies, and offices
• Sanitize bathroom sinks and water closets
• Clean beds and other furniture on a daily basis
• Collect soiled or dirty laundry from patients’ rooms
• Deliver laundry and linen to washing areas
• Operate cleaning and disinfection machines
• Dry, iron, and fold clothes and linen
• Distribute linen on a daily basis
• Deliver clean clothes to patients’ rooms
• Empty and disinfect trash cans
• Maintain clean storage areas for equipment and supplies

3. Tell us about an instance when your work as a housekeeper was challenged?

I was once working for a hospital where there was a patient whose family was notorious for being dissatisfied with everything. The patient happened to be admitted to one of the rooms that I was servicing. And nothing was good enough for the family. The sheets were never clean enough, there was never enough soap, and the bed was never made “to our liking”. It was extremely tiring. But thankfully, when the patient was discharged, the family didn’t leave a single complaint!

4. How important is the organization in this role?

Extremely. If one is not organized, there is no way one can coordinate even the simplest of housekeeping tasks.

5. Tell us something about your housekeeping duties in your previous role.

Apart from regular dusting and mopping, I was required to make beds, change linen, deliver and retrieve items to patients, replenish supplies, and prepare rooms. Additionally, I was responsible for handling some minor repair and maintenance tasks such as changing bulbs and replacing curtain rods.

6. How do you feel about working on your feet all day long?

Working on one’s feet constantly is part of the work. I don’t mind it one bit.

7. What skills do you think one needs to work as a successful hospital housekeeper?

I feel that one needs to be a jack of all trades. Specifically, one must be physically strong and possess the ability to handle more than one task at a time. Also, one needs to be highly knowledgeable about using the right amount and type of cleaning materials.

8. What do you think is the hardest part of working as a hospital housekeeper?

I wouldn’t call it hard but it is a bit challenging to keep linen in circulation.

How do you ensure the cleanliness of all assigned areas, at all times?
I am a stickler for perfection. I am also organized. These two skills ensure that I make sure of consistent cleanliness and sanitization of assigned areas.

9. What would you change about your current workplace?

I would probably not change anything except to make it a little more challenging than it is.

10. Tell us of an achievement that you have in your name?

Recently, I introduced a unique hospital trash management system, which the hospital management commended me on.

11. On a scale of 1 to 10, where would you rate your housekeeping skills?

I would give myself a realistic 8. I believe that I have the art mastered, but there is always more to learn.

12. Where do you see yourself in five years?

Owing to my enthusiasm and dedication to the housekeeping field, I see myself as a housekeeping supervisor or manager in five years.