Tier 1 Help Desk Job Description and Duties

Updated on: November 2, 2019

We have often heard people say that first contact customer services need to be excellent. And it is true.

First contact or tier 1 customer services show customers how professional your organization is and how important it deems its customers to be. For instance, a company whose tier 1 helpdesk rates at a 9 on a scale of 1 to 10, will be able to retain more customers.


But what exactly is the job of people working on tier 1 helpdesks?

As the title suggests, people working on the helpdesk are the first representatives of a company.

They greet customers and provide them with the information that they are looking for. They also assist customers with their problems – especially in instances where there are complaints to be handled.

Tier 1 helpdesks can work in two ways – for walk-in customers and for those calling in.


Typically, people working on a tier 1 helpdesk do so over the telephone or through emails. But in some companies, they may even meet customers in real-time. To be eligible for this work, one has to be:

• Customer-oriented
• Knowledgeable of company products and services
• Polite and communicative
• Active listener
• Able to maintain confidentiality

Also, tier 1 helpdesk professionals must be technology savvy as they are often hired in organizations that sell technological services such as computer hardware or software and Internet subscriptions.

Some duties that a tier 1 helpdesk representative performs include:


Tier 1 Help Desk Job Description

• Greet customers over the telephone or in person and ask them how they can be assisted.

• Listen to customers’ queries intently and make mental (and physical) notes on how to answer them.

• Ensure that query has been understood before attempting to answer it.

• Provide customers with information on the company’s products and services, along with any new deals or offers.

• Assist customers through walkthroughs by providing them with step by step instructions.

• Attempt to resolve customers’ problems by providing them with self-fix guidance.

• Look through generated tickets and write answers pertaining to information or minor problems.

• Assess tickets to ascertain which engineer or technician will be able to handle the problem and forward or tag them in the ticketing system.

• Troubleshoot minor problems and malfunctions for walk-in customers at the helpdesk table.

• Train clients on how to use software and hardware by providing them with basic guidance.

• Handle technical requests such as password resets, drive mapping and user accounts setup.

• Gather information regarding problems that cannot be resolved at the tier 1 level, so that it can be assigned to a more qualified professional.

• Maintain logs of calls and walk-in customers and their problems and queries.