Help Desk Assistant Job Description

Updated on: August 9, 2016

Help-desk assistants work in many different industries and provide more or less the same type of services. They service customer requests in person, over the telephone and through emails. Depending on the type of organization that they work for, they may be required to provide technical assistance to customers who call in or send emails.

Eligible criteria to work as a helpdesk assistant includes a high school diploma or a GED at the very least. However, some organizations may ask for a bachelor’s degree in a technical area, but this largely depends on where you are working. Excellent customer service skills and exceptional communication is very important to be eligible for this position. Also, you will need to possess an analytical mind as you will be primarily responsible for determining what the customer’s problem is without getting a chance to look at it!

Furthermore, you may be required to possess insight into handling call tracking applications and standard ticketing protocols. If this work is something that you want do, here is a list of duties that a helpdesk assistant performs on a typical workday:

Help Desk Assistant Duties and Responsibilities

• Respond to telephone calls by following the company’s specific procedures and protocols
• Introduce self and company over the telephone and inquire into how a customer wants to be assisted
• Listen to the customers’ problems carefully and jot down any important points
• Ask questions to determine details of problem and note down important information
• Diagnose and resolve technical glitches in systems and run customers through appropriate steps to solve problems
• Analyze problems and instruct callers on how to resolve them by walking them through each step
• Provide walk-throughs to customers and inquire into any changes that transpire
• Troubleshoot problems by applying advanced knowledge of software and hardware systems
• Escalate complicated issues to the supervisor or appropriate departments and perform regular follow up
• Create tickets in the system according to specified procedures and ensure that they are followed up on priority basis
• Respond to inquiries regarding services and timelines through emails, tickets and over the telephone
• Ascertain that all customer information is kept safe and confidential at all times
• Create and maintain records of calls on each shift and use them for troubleshooting and reference purposes
• Ascertain that irate customers are handled according to specific company protocols and supervisors’ orders
• Inform supervisors of any recurring problems in customers’ accounts and ensure that they are resolved immediately
• Keep abreast of changes and trends in system information and technology updates