IT Help Desk Technician Resume Sample

Updated January 1, 2022
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An IT help desk support technician holds an important position, as technically, he or she is required to help clients with information technology issues.

Hence, an individual working at this position is hired after careful scrutiny of job application documents, especially the resume.

As an applicant for this position, your resume should speak highly of many aspects of your profile, such as knowledge of information technology metrics, and problem-solving processes.

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Here is a resume sample to help you write one along similar lines:

IT Help Desk Resume Example

William Smith
65 22nd Avenue, Cleveland, OH 36816
(000) 918-4652
[email protected]


Seasoned IT Help Desk Associate with over 8 years of firsthand experience in providing technical assistance and support related to systems and products. Effectively able to answer queries, and address system and related issues. Focused on resolving issues, and reducing downtime, through the implementation of preventative measures.

• Successfully implemented a data saving technique that saved data from an otherwise dead drive.
• Singlehandedly provided remote troubleshooting services, minimizing client downtime by 50%.
• Increased systems efficiency by 25%, through the seamless installation of preventative measures.


IT Help Desk Technician
Technical Works, Cleveland, OH
Sep 2017 – Present
• Receive calls from clients and determine their specific technology-related issues
• Ask questions regarding problems in order to find out the gravity of the problem
• Provide suggestions to resolve the issue in a simple manner
• Assist clients in installing and configuring their systems
• Provide technical support in an in-person capacity, as well as over the phone
• Set up accounts for new users, and assist them in using them
• Repair and replace equipment and software
• Perform remote troubleshooting through screen sharing applications
• Provide accurate IT related products information
• Direct unresolved issues to the next level of support
• Suggest possible improvements on information technology processes
• Accommodate client disabilities by suggesting the right IT tools and equipment to use

IT Help Desk Associate
Clutch Solutions, Cleveland, OH
Jul 2013 – Sep 2017
• Served as the first point of contact for clients requiring information technology help
• Assisted clients in installing software applications
• Support problem identification processes, and assisted in resolving issues
• Followed up with clients to ensure that provided solutions had been sufficient

Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology
Ohio State University, Cleveland, OH


  • Requests Monitoring
  • Systems Maintenance
  • Upgrades Management
  • Equipment Inventory
  • Troubleshooting
  • Remote Troubleshooting
  • Diagnostic Techniques
  • Logging Status Updates
  • Improvements Suggestion
  • Walkthroughs
  • Installation and Configuration

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