Help Desk Associate Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: July 22, 2017

Cover letters can hold a lot of information but they shouldn’t really. Why not?

Well, at best, cover letters should be teasers of what is to come next.

While it is important to fill them with information of your abilities and skills, it is also imperative to keep a sound balance.

When writing a help desk associate cover letter, the first thing that should come to your mind is the structure of the document.

Help desk associate cover letters need to be presented in a way that is perfect in every sense – the format and what goes into it are both necessary to keep on track. A hiring manager will look at you kindly if you have both these in check. There is a thin line between writing a great cover letter, and writing one which is considered terrible.

Keep a thorough check on what your content is – read and reread it before you consider it alright to send it on.



Help Desk Associate Cover Letter Example



524 Simcoe Street
Green River, WY 85474

July 22, 2017

Mr. Donald Perez
Human Resource Manager
Lenox Advisors
639 Pen Avenue
Green River, WY 61002


Dear Mr. Perez:

I am a help desk associate with a difference – and this can be judged from the plethora of accomplishments that I have to my name.

Having worked extensively in this role, over the previous 5 years, I have developed the technical and service expertise that one requires to be truly successful in this position. Right now, I am interested in obtaining a similar position at Lenox Advisors, a company that I have held in high professional esteem for a long time.

Providing level 1 telephone support to customer communities, diagnosing issues and providing creative solutions, and escalating problems to technical support groups are areas that I am extremely well-versed in. I can handle complex troubleshooting activities which include recognition, documentation, research, accurate resolution, and intense follow-up, aiming to ensure that no customer is left dissatisfied with the company’s services.

A strong sense of commitment and drive towards problem resolution, and the ability to provide clear, concise and thoroughly researched technical information to information technology teams when dealing with escalated problems are all my strong points.

If you are looking for a help desk associate who can work under minimal supervision, and has a track record of providing well-placed resolutions to technical problems, you should meet with me in person.

I will call you next week to arrange an interview, and can be contacted at (000) 745-5254 if you need further information.



Carol Campbell

Attachment: resume