IT Help Desk Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: June 21, 2019

IT Help desks are always abuzz with customers calling in and asking for assistance.

People who work at help desks are hired after much scrutiny, and it is a given that interviews conducted for IT help desk positions are difficult to ace simply because employers wish to employ the individuals with excellent communication, customer service, and technical skills.


Interviews conducted to determine suitable candidates for IT help desk jobs are focused on two areas – in-depth knowledge of information technology and its applications and communication skills. IT help desk personnel need to be good conversationalists and equally good listeners.

They need to possess the eagerness to help others and out-of-the-box thinking. IT help desk interviews are conducted keeping these things in mind, and it is essential for candidates to be prepared for an intense conversation.

Before appearing for an interview for an IT help desk position, you must first research the fundamentals of the area you are applying for.

It is essential to be able to structure your answers properly – remember that most interviews for a position at an IT help desk will be focused on how well you can think critically and analyze situations so that you can help customers.


Some questions that you may come across during an interview for an IT help desk position are given below. Have a look!

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IT Help Desk Interview Questions and Answers


General Questions

What qualifies you for this job?

I possess exceptional skills in software and hardware troubleshooting, OS installation and networking management. To supplement these skills, I bring strong customer service etiquette and strong work ethic. I believe all these strengths qualify me for the role of an IT helpdesk officer.

Why do you want to work with us?

TechMax is an international company with a reputation to embrace the latest technology as it comes.

Having worked successfully in the Local IT market for the past six years and being a very tech-savvy person, I feel it’s time to go international with TechMax to broaden my professional horizons further and to put my skills to use in further IT dimensions for the benefit of TechMax.


Technical Questions

What are the necessary precautions to take before replacing a hard drive?

After creating a live DVD and transferring all data onto it, the disk must be replaced and booted. Then the DVD data must be installed onto the new disk and settings restored.

What steps are involved in developing of LAN?

After assessing the client’s networking needs, it must be ensured that all involved computers have a network card.

A local ISP internet connection must then be established followed by installation if a WIFI router.

Each machine has to be manually connected to the wireless network one time to enable endless sharing of files and data over the LAN.

How do you keep your IT knowledge updated?

I am a firm believer in ongoing education. Since information technology is a continually changing avenue (and that too in an amazingly fast manner), it is important to keep your knowledge current.

I do a lot of research about new platforms, software and hardware solutions. I also make sure that I keep my IT certifications updated so that I am comfortable with new technology as and when it comes.


Behavioral Questions

How do you deal with agitated clients who need guidance regarding data retrieval from a crashed system over the telephone?

Guiding on the telephone is particularly tricky when clients are in a panic or are not cooperative.

First of all, I’ll assure them that there are several ways to retrieve data and we will do our best to save theirs.

Once they calm down, Ill guide them, stepwise using layman language and communicating clearly until the desired data has been retrieved.

If the customer needs to know about a product whose knowledge you do not have. How would you respond?

I would tell them that the information they seek is currently unavailable however I’d get back to them with the answer.

Then I’ll find the information they seek and will call them back or refer them to the concerned person who is having the information they are looking for.

What does exceptional customer service mean to you personally?

I believe that there is nothing more important than good customer services.

Since a company’s mere existence depends on its customer base, it is essential to keep them happy. A happy customer means recurring business opportunities.

If you were to receive a call from a customer who presented you with a technical problem which you were completely unfamiliar with, what would you do?

I am aware of my limitations and do not believe in misguiding customers. If I cannot handle a technical issue, I would politely ask the customer to hold on while I put my supervisor on the phone since he will be able to assist him in a better manner.

Tell us about a time when a caller was unable to make you understand his technical issues. How did you handle it?

We had a customer who spoke very little English. He called the IT help desk, and his call was directed to me. He tried very hard to explain to me a hardware problem that he was experiencing.

I could only make out a few words because he kept reverting to Spanish after speaking a little in English. I tried to understand what he wanted me to help him with but I could not understand the situation enough to help him.

Very slowly and politely, I asked him to email at the help desk email address or create a ticket on the website. When I received his email, I had to read it many times, but I managed to understand his predicament and resolve his problem after exchanging a series of emails.


Teamwork-Based Questions

Share an experience where you had difficulty working with a teammate. How did you handle the situation?

Once I was assigned the helpdesk for a newly launched WIFI router device with four other members of the team.

After the first day of work, we realized that the information related to the client’s problem which we were receiving was incomplete to process the complaints effectively.

Being the lead team member, I handled the situation by providing the person in charge of data collection with an info checklist which resolved the issue effectively.

Do you perform better in a team or individually?

I perform well individually as well as in a team. I believe communication is the key to effective teamwork.

Possessing strong communication and interpersonal skills, I am usually able to work well with others.

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