Healthcare Administration Job Description for Resume

Updated: August 26, 2018

Position Overview

Healthcare administrators work in hospitals and other healthcare facilities where their primary job is to orchestrate a smooth workflow of the facility. They manage staffing requirements and other administrative tasks to ensure that all procedures are carried out in an organized and time efficient manner.

Furthermore, they handle patient information, filing and supply management. In bigger facilities, they even oversee accounting management and staffing needs in terms of hiring and firing activities. They are also responsible for managing the budget of the facility along with ensuring that budget requirements are met at all levels.

These professionals are also responsible for training new staff and assisting in patient training especially where patients’ families are concerned. They work closely with healthcare professionals to provide patients with information on diseases and medical procedures that need to be put in place for a particular patient.

Healthcare administrators formulate policies and ensure that all parties within a healthcare facility follow those policies. They also oversee patient care to ensure that patients receive the care that they have paid for and deserved.

In assisted living facilities, they ensure that a caregiver provides proper care to residents. They are also responsible for designing and implementing interactive activities for residents and oversee that they are carried out effectively.

Needless to say, health care administrators are an integral part of a healthcare facility as without them, the entire system may be cluttered and difficult to follow.

Job Description for Health Care Administration Resume

• Provided leadership and direction for the delivery of exceptional health services throughout the continuum of care
• Devised plans on delivering quality healthcare services in cost-effective ways
• Hired and trained new employees
• Evaluated the training needs of staff
• Assessed the medical needs of patients
• Worked to develop effectiveness and quality in delivering healthcare services
• Enforced most up-to-date laws to the facility
• Managed finances and budget of the facility including utility bills, patient fees, and billing
• Created work schedules for employees
• Represented the facility at outside meetings
• Kept and organized records of the facility’s services
• Compiled and interpreted medical forms
• Maintained accurate records of treatments and medications
• Maintained office supplies
• Implemented healthcare policies and procedures