How to Write a CV for Healthcare Assistant

Updated on: March 21, 2018

Many candidates feel confused when they sit down to write a CV or resume – simply because one never knows what will pique an employer’s interest and what may put him off.

However, this is a chance that we must take and test our luck. There are many ways to write a CV – and no best way really, but it is a good idea to know thoroughly about the position that you are applying for.

Let us take the example of a CV for a healthcare assistant. Healthcare assistants work in a support role in health facilities and are usually expected to perform administrative duties that will help a facility run smoothly. That may include greeting patients, managing billing tasks, admissions, scheduling appointments and taking care of paperwork.

Healthcare assistants do not only manage administrative duties but are also expected to have a medical background so that they can perform some clinical functions as well which may include preparing patients for x-rays and collecting specimens for tests.

Now that we know what a healthcare assistant does, it is time to dwell on how we can write a CV for this position. It is no rocket science but does need some care in writing.


Healthcare Assistant CV Format


Contact Details

The first thing you need to do is write your name contact information correctly so make sure that recheck this information several times.

Objective / Profile

Once this is done, think of an objective statement that you can put on your CV. If you are highly qualified, you may opt to leave this out and supplement it with a personal profile, but if you are just starting out, it will be a good idea to write one.

Summary of Qualifications / Core Competencies

A summary of qualifications comes next; here you will need to chart out your knowledge of the position that you are applying for. You can say that you have in-depth knowledge of carrying out administrative and clinical tasks within a healthcare setting or possess hands-on experience of facilitating treatments for patients.

Work Experience

Work history is just as important. Put in the information of your previous employers and point out all your relevant work duties no matter how small. Ensure that everything you have written is correct and verified.


Make sure that the educational information that you write conforms to the requirements of the position.

Special Skills

Your transferable skills to do the job are very important to list as many as you possibly can; of course, do not exaggerate!