What to Put in a Security Guard Cover Letter?

August 18, 2018

Cover letters provide applicants with a chance to create a connection with a prospective employer. They also serve a tool to highlight their skills to do the job that he or she is applying for.

Let us take the example of a cover letter that a security guard may write for his job application.

What will a Security Guard Cover Letter include? How much detail is needed?

Let us try and answer all these questions here. To be able to do this, we will need to chart out what a security guard does. A security guard is responsible for maintaining his area of assignment in terms of safety from vandalism and crime. They work in many capacities including schools, office buildings, and markets.

Mention Your Skills and Relevant Experience

When a security guard wants to apply for a position in this capacity, he will need to ensure that s/he puts in all his skills in a cover letter. This may include the experience of law enforcement procedures and security risk management. A cover letter for this position should tell the employer that the candidate knows his work thoroughly as at times there is no room for mistakes in this profession. Security guards need to mention that they possess the capacity to lay preventive measures so that a crime or felony is prevented instead of managing it when it happens. Additionally, they need to specify that they hold some training in arms that will help them in using the same in times of absolute distress.

Since security guards are responsible for the safety of both things and people, they need to instill some confidence in the employers’ mind that they are capable of keeping and maintain calm in stressful situations. A candidate will only be asked in for an interview if the employer can judge from the cover letter that he can work in a volatile situation remaining calm and collected. What better way to portray this than a cover letter?

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