Retail Security Guard Cover Letter Sample and Guidelines

March 24, 2020
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There is a lot that you can write in a cover letter for a retail security guard position.

All you have to do is highlight the fact that you are a good person to hire because you are skilled in ensuring the security of the retail facility that you are working for.

Since you need to tell the hiring manager that you are the best person to hire because of your skills and abilities, it is imperative that you focus on your ability to handle the work.

Your capability of protecting the company’s property and staff by maintaining a secure and safe environment should be highlighted.

See the example below to get ideas.

Peter Vin
(000) 452-3665

March 24, 2020

Ms. Mary Kurt
Human Resources Manager
Green Peak Innovation
821 Olive Road
Maryville, TN 67125

Dear Ms. Kurt:

I am currently interested in a retail security guard position that involves working in a dynamic and challenging environment. And I feel that Green Peak Innovation is the right place for me. My resume is enclosed with this letter and outlines my experience in performing high-quality security services.

The significant contributions that I have made to my present place of work in a retail security guard role make me an excellent person to hire. In addition to my professional achievements, I have developed a great skill set, which includes:

  • Monitoring premises to prevent theft, violence, and rule infractions
  • Giving warning to violators of premise rules and regulations
  • Observing, surveying, and reporting activities at assigned sites
  • Quickly and promptly responding to critical situations that require intervention

During my 7-year work experience in a retail security guard role, I have managed to speed up the implementation of unique security systems. My facilitation of security functions particularly stood out and set me apart from others.

I suggest that we meet and brainstorm on my qualifications for a retail security guard role. I will contact you at the end of the week to schedule a meeting. Please call me at (000) 452-3665 if you need further information on my credentials.
Thank you for your time and consideration.


Peter Vin

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